Mezdra became the second Bulgarian municipality to ban the 5G network on its territory, Sega reported.

The decision was taken by the local municipal council at the last meeting for 2020. It reads: ” A 1-year moratorium is imposed on the deployment, use, maintenance and development of 5th generation / 5G (Fifth Generation technology) electronic communications (cellular) networks and facilities thereto .”

It is clear from the minutes of the meeting that 11 councilors voted “for”, 1 was “against” and six abstained.

The first municipality in our country to ban the construction of a 5G network was Balchik. A 1-year moratorium on such facilities was imposed at a local parliament session on September 30th. The ban was imposed due to the subscription of 183 local citizens, who do not want the network due to fears that it could harm human health and insist that research be done before the introduction.

See EHT’s PDF of the latest government action on 5G and cell towers.

Worldwide numerous countries have programs to regularly monitor radio frequency radiation (RFR) levels in the environment and ensure the information is publicly posted for the public. These countries include France, Greece, Turkey, India, Israel, French Polynesia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Switzerland, Bahrain and Iceland. However the United States government terminated their wireless RFR field measurement program decades ago and the USA has no federal agency with a funded mandate that measures nor monitors RFR levels and the health and environmental effects of wireless from cell tower RFR.

Over 600 cities in Italy have passed resolutions to halt 5G, as have cities throughout Europe, such as Trafford, United Kingdom, Lille, France, Ormidia, Cyprus, Balchik, Bulgaria. The Pancyprian Medical Association and Cyprus National Committee on the Environment and Child Health sent Parliament their position paper “The Risks to Public Health from the Use of the 5G Network.” Bermuda has halted 5G pending a report on safety. Switzerland’s report on 5G health effects resulted in the Parliament’s refusal to loosen their radiation limits despite heavy industry lobbying efforts. The Netherlands issued a 5G report that recommended measuring radiation levels and also recommended against using the 26 GHz frequency band for 5G “for as long as the potential health risks have not been investigated.”

In the United States, the New Hampshire Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology has released its final report recommending reducing public exposure to radio frequency radiation, measuring RF radiation levels and replacing Wi-Fi with wireless devices.  Resolutions to halt 5G have been passed by Hawaii County, Farragut Tennessee, Coconut Creek Florida, and Easton Connecticut. Cities such as Los Altos,Petaluma, Mill Valley, and San Diego County California have adopted policies to restrict 5G small cells near homes.

Hundreds of scientists and thousands of doctors are calling to halt 5G and reduce exposure to people and the environment.

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