Topic: Montgomery County 5G Small Cell Information Session

What are the health and environmental effects of 5G deployment in Montgomery County Maryland. 

  • Speaker: Theodora Scarato, Director of the Environmental Health Trust
  • Date: Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021
  • Time: 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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What You Need to Know About Montgomery County, 5G and the New Zoning ZTA 19-07

The Montgomery County Council has proposed a new zoning ordinance named ZTA 19-07 which allows 4G and 5G so called “small” cell towers to be deployed just 30 feet from your home.  The street lights and utility poles in front of your home will be able to be replaced with 5G cell towers without any notice sent to you, nor public hearing required so long as the pole is at least 30 feet from your home.

Research shows that unfettered 5G deployment would greatly increase the greenhouse gas emissions which are driving the climate crisis. Solutions exist to provide internet connections without forcing these cell towers into neighborhoods. Fiber networks are ten times more energy efficient, have no health risks, are cheaper and offer greater privacy protection.

Published research reviews warn that cell tower radiation can harm bees, birds, treesplants and wildlife. There are further substantial impacts to the tree canopy and wildlife from the digging and tree trimming necessary to deploy all of these antennas.

The cellular antennas on these poles will transmit radio frequency microwave (RF/MW) radiation 24/7 which has never been safety tested on people for long term exposure. Many doctors and scientists recommend a halt to 5G until safety research is performed due to the substantial body of research that already exists indicating current 3G and 4G technology is harmful at legal levels.  This issue is the center of a lawsuit in federal court of which Environmental Health Trust is lead petitioner now awaiting a court verdict.

Learn about the latest proposed cell tower zoning for Montgomery County and why doctors recommend caution.  Get your questions answered in this informative session on March 30th,  Monday at 7:00pm with expert Theodora Scarato MSW, Executive Director of the scientific think tank Environmental Health Trust.

Date: March 30th, Tuesday at 7:00pm

About 5G in Montgomery County

The issue of 5G and cell towers has been before the council for several years now and every year residents call to halt cell towers in residential neighborhoods.  The issue has been the subject of several news stories

About Theodora Scarato MSW
Executive Director Environmental Health Trust 

Theodora Scarato MSW is Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a scientific think tank that publishes research and educates policymakers on environmental health issues. EHT scientists are among the leading independent voices calling for reducing wireless worldwide and launched a historic lawsuit against the FCC regarding their decades old wireless radiation exposure limits.

Scarato directs EHT educational programs, publishes research and coordinates scientific conferences and programs in the US and internationally alongside EHT’s Senior Science Advisors.  Scarato has co-authored several articles on electromagnetic field policy and  is a lead policy analyst and researcher for the EHT database on international actions– the most comprehensive collection of information on policy actions on cell phones and wireless.

Examples include

She was invited to present to the National Institutes of Health, the New Hampshire State 5G Commission, the San Francisco Teachers Union,  the University of California San Francisco, the Henley Business School at University of Reading and the American Federation of Teachers National Conference. She has presented at several US and international conferences on environmental health including the  2020 Tel Aviv Expert Forum, the Michigan State Briefing on 5G, the 2018 “The Dramatic Changes on the Planet and the Hellenic Roots of Ecological Ethics”  held at the University of Patras, Greece, the Hebrew University Medical School Expert Forum on Wireless and the Health in Buildings Roundtable Conference held at the National Institutes of Health.

Scarato helped coordinate the 2019 US medical conference designed exclusively to train medical professionals on electromagnetic radiation and also presented on worldwide EMF policy at the 2021 EMF Medical Conference.  She is on the board on PhoneGate Alert.

Scarato is a regular contributor to radio and news broadcasts and has been featured on NPR, Dr. Nandi, NBC, Fox 5, WJLA and several documentary films. Her work was instrumental in the Prince George’s County School System taking action to address long neglected lead contamination in the schools drinking water and in the Maryland State Children’s Environmental Health Protection Advisory Council’s actions to issue recommendations to reduce radio frequency exposures in the school setting.

She previously worked with EHT as Director of Educational Resources and Public Affairs, developing educational resources for communities and governments. Scarato  has co-founded several organizations both locally and nationally that address environmental health and safety concerns. As a practicing clinical psychotherapist, her two decades of work with children and adolescents includes directing an intensive  special education therapy program in Montgomery County Schools and working a psychotherapist at an ADHD clinic. Her research interests include not only the effects from radiation exposures but also the social emotional effects of technology overuse. Source: Environmental Health Trust