Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is the telecommunications regulatory body of Nepal.

The NTA plan will not ensure safety because all the study does is measure radiation levels and compare  to government limits. The limits are set to high to protect the public. Nepal should be studying the health of people who live near the towers. Nonetheless they are launching a study due to the health issue raised by members of the public. 

According to news reports  ( ) NTA has set a range of criteria in its scope of study for the chosen consulting firm. Below are some key requirements of the consulting firm as demanded by NTA.

  • The consulting firm shall obtain prior approval from the NTA management in case of the variation of the number of sites in the study in urban, suburban, and rural areas from the ones mentioned above.
  • NTA also says the EMR measurement shall revolve in the vicinity of schools, and hospitals to confirm their safety for the locals.
  • Besides, the consultant shall measure the EMR around cell towers originating from different frequency bands. These include 900/1800/2100/2300/2500 MHz for different cellular telecom technologies.
  • The data in different locations must be measured in relation to the standards NTA has set. The consultant must also confirm if the cell tower has adhered to the recommended specifications.
  • NTA says the firm shall also “recommend the further action to be taken by NTA to enforce the bylaw provisions relating to the protection of General public and occupations caused from the radio frequency in the mobile towers.”
  • Likewise, the regulator also mandates that the company shall measure the electromagnetic radiation using standard tools to derive accurate data.

Governments that measure radiofrequency  radiation levels and make them publicly available.

France , Spain, Austria, Greece, Turkey, India, Israel, Gibraltar, Brussels Belgium,  Switzerland, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Malta, Brazil, Bahrain, Monaco, French Polynesia, Bhuton, Senegal
(France even has 5G monitoring stations)

Over a Dozen Countries have Stricter Limits for Ambient Cell Antenna Emissions or Policies in Place to Reduce Exposure Near Schools and/or Homes- Areas designated as sensitive areas. 

China, Russia, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, Brussels Belgium, Chile, Belarus, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, India, Liechtenstein, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,  Ukraine, Kuwait, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Bosnia Herzegovina,Georgia, Uzbekistan, Republic of Moldova

Over twenty countries have official government advice on cell phones with recommended steps to minimize cell phone radiation to the brain, especially for children. 

  • Belgium, Switzerland, French Polynesia,  Finland, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Turkey,  Singapore, France, United Kingdom,  Russia,  Denmark, India, Australia, Austria, Cyprus, Canada, Italy, Korea, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Krakow Poland, European Parliament Resolution 1815. California and Connecticut Department of Health USA
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