The timing for the release of this book could not have been any better as Covid-19 accelerated a shift of working in an office or worksite to working at home.  Some seem trapped in a never-ending series of online meetings or Zoom calls, continuously looking at screens without taking any breaks.  With little or no awareness we have become captured by screens.  Unfortunately, by the end of the day many people experience Zoom/screen fatigue, eyestrain, back pain, neck and shoulder discomfort, exhaustion, stress, negative mood, depression, and/or work-related insomnia.

Besides looking at the computer screen, we are continuously distracted by notifications from smartphones and other digital devices as we multitask.  The digital distractions causing us to respond to twice as many devices with half of our attention—a process labeled ‘semi-tasking’- meaning getting twice as much done half as well.

MORE INFO HERE  IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR)

In highly readable book, Peper and his colleagues have assembled one of the most thorough guides that describes the impacts personal technology on our physical and emotional well-being. More importantly they offer pragmatic suggestions what we can do it to optimize health and productivity. “Tech Stress” provides all of the basic tools to be able not only to survive in this new world but also thrive in it.

TechStress-How Technology is Hijacking our Lives, Strategies for Coping and Pragmatic Ergonomics  is available at

Media Coverage Source: Environmental Health Trust