Ormidia community council has declared their village a 5G free zone.

The Larnaca district village said that its community council has unanimously decided to oppose the placement of new 5G antennas.

“Based on research and data obtained, it turns out that the new generation of mobile networks emits a strong degree of radiation with potentially long-lasting and detrimental effects on the health of its citizens,” the community council said in a written statement opposing 5G cell antennas.

The community of Ormidia  is now designated  a ‘5G free zone’.

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The Pancyprian Medical Association and Cyprus National Committee on the Environment and Child Health  position paper on 5G is entitled “The Risks to Public Health from the Use of the 5G Network” and was sent to the Cyprus Parliamentary Committees on Environment and Health. The position paper is based on the historic Nicosia Declaration of  2017.

The position paper emphasizes the lack of safety studies, the increase in exposure and the potential  interactions of the network with other telecommunication networks. The paper also highlights the lack of a reliable method to measure the radiation levels in real world situations- an issue that was raised in the 2019 European Parliament Report “5G Deployment State of Play in Europe, USA and Asia”which states that, “ the problem is that currently it is not possible to accurately simulate or measure 5G emissions in the real world.”

Read  Press Release on the 5G Position Paper

Cyprus already has taken strong policy action to protect public health by launching an awareness campaign on the health effects of wireless radiation, creating educational videos, removing wireless from the Archbishop Makarios hospital  and restricting Wi-Fi in schools.

Over 500 cities in Italy have passed resolutions to halt 5G until safety research has been completed.  In the United States, Hawaii County passed a resolution to halt 5G as well as Farragut Tennessee and Easton Connecticut. Entire countries like France, Switzerland, and Nigeria are having a national conversation on the safety of 5G and they are launching major investigations to research the issue of safety. (Details HERE)

In the United States, cities such as Petaluma, Mill ValleyMonterey in California, and Doylestown in Pennsylvania have voted and passed policies to halt 5G or restrict the rollout into neighborhoods.

See an educational video from Cyprus below.

Scientists from all over the world have issued a declaration called the 5G Appealcalling for a moratorium on the increase of 5G cell antennas citing human health effects and impacts on wildlife.

“We recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry…RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.”

Citizens across the country of Cyprus have proceeded to police stations across the island in different cities to file a report against to the Head of the Telecommunications Department(equivalent to the Head of FCC), as well as against to the Deputy Minister of Research Innovation and Digital Policy, demanding an investigation to be commenced for violations of the criminal code because of the planned licensing of 5G.

Based on Cyprus Law, these two government officials have duty, due to their position, to protect Public Health. However, their actions of licensing 5G is in direct contradiction. The key evidence for accusing them is the join document that you will see attached from the Cyprus Medical Association(CyMA) and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health (CNCECH), stating that the licensing of 5G, cannot be considered as safe and could be dangerous. This information has many times forwarded to them with no change in their plans or taking any measures to reduce those risks.

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