Are you overexposed to wireless radiation? (Hint: yes.)

With every apparent advancement, we are increasingly putting ourselves at imperceptible health risks. From electronic and electrical devices and appliances that we use daily to the cell towers, antennas, and base stations that support them, all can emit harmful manmade electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

EMR is an inevitable byproduct of our technologically driven world and a significant polluting element in our environment. Action is growing worldwide as communities become aware that government safety limits have remained unchanged for decades and do not protect people or the environment.

In Singapore, Max Chua accidentally discovered the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields when he started experiencing muscle aches and prolonged poor quality of sleep. An electronics and electrical engineer by training with over 17 years of experience in the industry, he chanced upon various findings on EMR and electromagnetic fields (EMF) when he started researching possible causes for his physical ailments. With a professional background in engineering, he experimented with shielding methods and before long, his aches disappeared and his quality of sleep significantly improved.

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In this interview, Theodora Scarato will talk with Chua about how to make our technological world a safer place for ourselves and our kids.

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