There are zero studies that prove that 5G is safe for our health. During a federal Senate hearing, the representatives of the telecom industry also communicated that there were no future plans to conduct any independent 5G safety studies.

Currently, there is a federal case against the Federal Communications Commission charging that the safety standards that were tested for 1G are still being applied 24 years later to 5G without being updated.

The facts are, more than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate harm to human health from radio frequency (RF) radiation. Some effects include: insomnia, headaches and head pressure; ringing of the ears; nausea, stomach pains, digestive problems and fatigue; learning and memory deficits, brain fog, and dizziness; depression, anxiety, and mood changes; skin rashes, aches and pains; obesity and diabetes; heart palpations and cardiovascular disease; and cancers. Read more

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