Did you know that the ambient level of radio frequency (wireless) radiation in our environment has increased 70 fold (7,000 times) since 1980?  Electromagnetic radiation is odorless, invisible and silent and 99% of us do not know our exposure level.  The question we should all be asking is, “What does this mean for our personal exposure to man-made electromagnetic radiation?“

A Building Biologist specializing in electromagnetic fields (EMF) can illuminate this emerging health topic through education, data collection, risk analysis and preventative solutions.   Building Biology is the science of how the built environment affects our health and wellbeing. Many of us are more familiar with traditional aspects of building biology, like mold exposure, toxic pesticides and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s.) If we dig a little deeper, how much do you know about your EMF exposure?

With the increase in wireless technology in the past decade, it is vital to know your EMF exposure if you prioritize your health and wellbeing. I empower clients to make lifestyle changes to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

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It can be overwhelming in the beginning. It’s an alarming topic, especially with the proliferation of 5G, but our response does not need to be alarmist.

Here are some questions to get your own path started:

  • Are you concerned about your exposure from a nearby cell tower?
  • Are there power lines near your home?
  • Are you surrounded by wireless within your apartment?
  • Do you find it hard to sleep at night?  Do you have “brain fog” or find it hard to concentrate?
  • Do you have a constant ringing in your ears?

My strategy starts with addressing your specific concerns. It involves coaching clients to start with small wins. I aim to meet you where you are. We work together with family members to find solutions that are achievable for everyone. Our goal is to help you FEEL BETTER through reduced use, increased distance and implementing hardwired solutions whenever possible.

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The first step is to create a low-EMF sanctuary in your home, particularly in your sleeping area.  This gives your body an uninterrupted 8 hour period of rest in a clean environment.  This is a very easy starting point, since most are not typically using wireless devices at night anyway.  Whether you are simply precautionary about your exposure or if you suffer from symptoms related to electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), there are a wide range of solutions that can be customized for you.

Curious about where to start? Try these simple tips for a week and see how you feel:

  • Remove or power off all wireless devices in your bedroom at night.
  • Turn off your WiFi at night.
  • Text or use speakerphone. Do not hold your cell phone to your head.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. – Benjamin Franklin


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