See the BOS meeting of Feb. 27th: hear the speakers, watch the vote.

Agenda item 2, #15. Speakers on wireless ordinance 48:00 – 1:58. Vote is at end of meeting – starts at 2:35:00.

On Feb. 27, 2019, following a tumultuous, lengthy meeting with at least 24 speakers opposing 5G small cells in the unincorporated areas of the county, due to concerns about lack of safety testing, harm to health including those impacting county liability, and property values, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors (BOS) voted to approve ordinance changes in compliance with new FCC regulations designed to streamline 5G, under pressure of apparent time constraints. However, the BOS also voted to amend its revised ordinance again, with the following decision:

ACTION 2.5: ON MOTION of Supervisor Cox, seconded by Supervisor Desmond, the Board of Supervisors approved the staff recommendation for Zoning Amendment item number 15, “6980 – Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Small Wireless Facilities,” and directed the Chief Administrative Officer to return to the Board within 180 days with additional requirements including options to reduce cluttering, study avoidance of sensitive sites, how the county can encourage co-locating small cell wireless facilities with existing infrastructure, the distance between poles, the placement of the utility box that powers the equipment on the poles, residential preferred locations, undergrounding equipment, and additional public noticing; and adopted Ordinance No. 10592 (N.S.) entitled: AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE SAN DIEGO COUNTY ZONING ORDINANCE RELATED TO DEFINITIONS, ACCESSORY USE REGULATIONS, GENERAL REGULATIONS, AND PROPERTY ZONING (POD 17 004; REZ 18 008).

FEBRUARY 27, 2019 5
AYES: Cox, Jacob, Gaspar, Fletcher, Desmond

Currently, as a result, the County Planning Dept. is working on potential changes to the revised ordinance in the areas noted above, and perhaps others, to be brought before the Planning Commission and BOS during the summer (2019).