Who: “Stop 5G California”, a project of Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP)

What: A rally by concerned citizens of San Diego County

Where: Waterfront Park, Harbor Drive, facing the harbor, behind the San Diego County Administration building (1600 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA).

Rally will be 1600 block of Harbor Drive, in front of the statue, behind the County Administration Building, downtown San Diego, CA.

When: Wednesday, May 15th, 11:30 to 1:00 pm



1. We are calling on wireless companies to stop their deployment of small cell wireless antennas in residential and business areas, as the plan for 5G is not considered safe, according to hundreds of non-industry scientists, and has had, in fact, zero safety testing, a fact admitted by industry leaders during a Senate Hearing in Feb. 2019.

2. We also call on local governments, including the city and County of San Diego, and all local municipalities, to learn more about the dangers of microwave-emitting 5G “small cells”, halt approvals for 4G/5G “small cells” deployment, and oppose misguided federal mandates to ignore local control and health and safety considerations. It is not “smart” to ignore health and safety, for profit.

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3. We call on the federal government to stop forcing 5G “small cells” on our communities and to eliminate all mandates to ignore health, safety, and environmental harm from all small cells and wireless antennas.

4. We call on the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to stop pandering to industry and issue guidelines for microwave radiation exposure that are at least 7 million times lower than they now allow, in accordance with non-industry scientific studies.

5. Lastly, we call on all residents of the County to learn more and take action by contacting their local elected officials to stop the 5G deployments and stop promoting “smart cities”, and by personally boycotting 5G.

If 5G small cells are installed and “turned on” there will be literally no escape from an unprecedented, involuntary close-range exposure for ALL residents of our County to harmful microwave radiation. These so-called “small cells” do not emit a small amount of radiation and are comparable to thousands of mini-cell towers strung along our streets on street poles (light poles), just a few feet from our homes and businesses. These small cells in close proximity to homes will also cause a 20-30% drop in property values or become unsellable, happening already, according to a local realtor. People don’t want involuntary microwave radiation beaming into their homes.

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Background: Thousands of scientific studies have shown that both short and longterm exposure to wireless microwave radiation can cause biological harm, overwhelming the human and/or animal biological, chemical and electrical systems, and creating an opportunity for serious medical issues ranging from neurological problems and cognitive deficits, reproductive harm including DNA damage and miscarriages, autism, vision and hearing problems, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities and dementias, development of electromagnetic sensitivities, food intolerances and headaches, to lethal cancers, such as malignant tumors of the heart, glioblastomas, and breast cancers, to name but a few scientists have uncovered. Children, seniors, pregnant women, those with a wide variety of medical conditions, and the disabled can be more vulnerable to these effects.

Our children have a right to play in their yards and sleep in their beds without being subject to constant involuntary exposure to microwave radiation that independent scientists say can harm their health; we have an obligation to protect them. Manmade microwave radiation, a dangerous and rapidly growing part of electrosmog pollution, does not occur in nature, and has been shown in studies and real-life situations, to be harmful to humans, pets, wildlife, insects, and plants. We have an obligation to protect all biological beings in our County and beyond. We all have the right to be safe in our own homes and businesses. No one has the right to unleash a dangerous technology on all of us and sicken the public for profit.

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All concerned citizens and parents are invited to join us in this peaceful rally to protect the public health and all biological beings.

For information, please contact S Brinchman, Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention, PO Box 655, La Mesa, CA 91944; director (at); ( and