Today’s wireless radiation including 3G, 4G, and military use is linked to the catastrophic declines in insect life. What happens when 5G, using much higher and shorter frequencies, will be widespread and broadcast from space?

Insects will only survive if wireless radiation is dramatically reduced and 5G is stopped.

The Insect Inspector Report – How we are all involved in industrial scale digital insecticide without knowing it. What does it mean for the future of humanity? The Insect Inspector reveals all.

EMF = electromagnetic fields

EMR = electromagnetic radiation


5G is a buzzword for the digitally connected world some see as the future of mankind – it comes with risks – the most immediate being that it will be the most effective pesticide since DDT. The Insect Inspector explains how this runaway untested global experiment may kill us all. Simply put, the 30-year radiation from millions of cellular phone masts is the single factor present in every region of insect decline.

With the imminent addition of 5G pollution, the situation is about to get much worse. Rather than ridiculing this idea, independent experts from around the world sent me evidence to prove It. They cited papers, experiments, and surveys to show that wireless tech is damaging the ecosphere. Insects are like the canary in the coal mine. Their slump in numbers is a warning to us all. In short, 5G poses a catastrophic threat to bugs the world over.

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This video is a warning notice so public officials can no longer plead ignorance when rubber stamping its roll-out. 5G is a buzz word for connecting every ‘smart’ wireless device. The phone, software and internet giants aka Big Wireless are in a bid to dominate society with the Internet of Things – that means controlling as many of your gadgets as they can harvest your profile data from. It is also a push to build a world of industrious robots, automated vehicles and a population of addicted phone Zombies. We are being softened up to accept 5G as “inevitable.” Across the media, it is being sold as “game-changing – the next big thing.” What no one tells you is how much of a dangerous gamble it is to expose everything on the planet to untested ultra-high-frequency microwave radiation at an unprecedented intensity.

The 5G grid, a follow-on, not a replacement for the wireless network we now use, is being built by a powerful self-regulating industry that tolerates no restraint nor criticism. Big Wireless claims 5G is a safe technology on which to build the digital society they want us to connect to. Let me outline the side effects that no one is prepared to talk about but are unavoidable. 5G devices use very high electromagnetic frequencies. Ubiquitous transmitters, planned for every school, shop, and neighbourhood, will generate billions of millimetre length waves. These signals will be the same size as most insects creating an electrical charge between the two. The energy flow also pulses creating tiny shockwaves that damage eyes, wings, antennae, and other delicate body parts. 5G communications have to be powerful enough to penetrate buildings so with nowhere to hide and under relentless bombardment, insects, trapped in an environmental microwave oven, will simply cook.

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Despite the evidence that 5G is an environmental hazard, the body that regulates Big Wireless has been hijacked by those it is supposed to regulate. It has gained powers and brought influence to steamroller anyone opposed to its impatience to be the first to market. With Governments everywhere lobbied with biased data, the benefits of the 5G Grid are purposely overblown and the drawbacks hidden. No tests have been run for potential damage to the environment – a failing that goes against the UN’s Precautionary Principle. A risk analysis put in place after it was proved the asbestos and tobacco industries concealed known risks and dangers. Radiation levels will be100 times above the standards agreed 20 years ago. 5G safety standards are unfit for purpose. We live with wireless tech in our pockets. There is Wifi in our homes already claiming to be 5G – it is not. It is a dupe to make the term acceptable. So dismissing the link of insect decline to invisible wireless radiation is an easy option. But all the signs point to a strong connection between the two.

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From bugs to birdsong, small things disappearing easily escape our notice, but Insects make our life possible. Their destruction breaks a vital in the food chain. We are not going to give up the convenience of hand-held devices, but we are being hustled into expensive enslavement where we pay for the privilege of being monitored. Make no mistake when all the 5G cells are connected our children will be living in a global airport body scanner 24/7. It’s critical to postpone the rollout of what scientists, environmental groups, doctors and citizens see as a potentially toxic infrastructure without a public debate. We must not blindly accept every technological development especially one we are tricked into thinking as Green. Wireless tech gobbles up a whopping 10% of the world’s electricity consumption. Let us not sleepwalk towards an insect armageddon that may herald our own.

Video of Aphids reacting to radio frequency from radar 14 miles away