Wireless electronics and the overuse of screens is impacting our children’s health. Screens come with numerous health risks and parents can take steps to minimize these risks.

Read a New Jersey Education Association Article “Minimize the Health Risks of Screens” , and download a PDF of the Association Recommendation.

Watch Dr. Dunkley share how her book “Reset Your Child’s Brain”  can help children who are over stimulated by interactive screens. She  wrote a book on how to do a screen fast with your child and described several cases of children who had improvement in ADHD and behavioral symptoms after a screen fast.

Support EHT  with an affiliate book recommendation: Reset Your Child’s Brain by Victoria L. Dunckley MD

In her book, Dr. Dunkley also discusses the need to reduce wireless exposures.

The use of electronics close to the body -e.g. laptops on laps, cell phones carried in a pocket or bra- create two kinds of intense EMF exposures to the body part closest to the device- RF from the wireless and ELF from the electricity.  In addition, ELF exposures are elevated near charging cell phones, appliances and electronics (Behrens et al. 2004).

A substantial body of research has found wireless radiation  and non ionizing EMFs associated with numerous adverse effects including cancer, DNA damage, memory damage, headaches,  reproductive damage, tumor promotion, blood brain barrier damage, increased oxidative stress, impacts to the endocrine system, brain damage.

The nervous system is sensitive to EMFs from cell phones and Wi-Fi  (Bertagna et al., 2021).  Cell phone radiation has been found to alter brain activity (Volkow et al 2011, Bin et al 2014), impact neurotransmitters and alter neuron development (Kaplan et al, 2015, Li et al 2021, Chen et al 2021).   A study on teenagers found memory damage to the area of the brain most exposed to cell phone radiation after just one year  (Foerster et al 2018).

Experimental animal research has found a variety of RF-EMF impacts especially in the brain regions critical to memory and learning (Sonmez, et al. 2010, Dasdag et al 2015, Shahin et al, 2018, Obajuluwa et al 2017, Tan et al., 2021, Hasan et al., 2021).  

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