Stop dangerous 5G small cells from being installed on your street!

Visit and “Like” our new Stop 5G California FB page and learn more about what is happening in CA with 5G. Please share widely! Learn more about what is happening in CA to stop 5G “small cells” from being placed up and down all our streets. For all states, counties, cities and towns, we need more locale or state-specific “Stop 5G” FB pages (info only) and/or groups (with membership) to be created, with news and local action plans. You can connect your own website to these for further info on 5G and related topics. I encourage you to start a 5G FB page or group, today! May 15th is International
“5G Day of Action” with protests being planned all over the world. Learn about or plan a Stop 5G Event. Learn more at Stop 5G CA. Visit and “Like” our FB “Center for Electrosmog Prevention” page also, for timely updates on electrosmog issues.