How baseless fears over 5G rollout created a health scare

Hhhhmmm, interesting comments from Peter Wingate-Saul contained within this news article. A man who has worked with the telecoms industry for more than 20 years. And we believe him? I remember meeting him on a number of occasions in the past after I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38 in 2001. I had been living 100m from a phone mast for many years and discovered a cancer cluster in our tiny hamlet of Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield. Six women developed breast cancer; one young man had prostate cancer; there was a case of bladder cancer and one of lung cancer; three young ladies suffered with pre-cancer cervical cells and one of motor neurone disease age 51. Many neighbours including myself developed benign lumps, electro-sensitivity symptoms with three cases of severe skin rashes and many villagers suffered with sleep problems, headaches, dizziness and low immune system problems. We even had a horse with blood problems, requiring continuous treatment from the vet. Out of the eighteen houses surrounding the T-Mobile mast at up to a range of 500 metres, 77 per cent had health related illnesses, which we believe to be caused by radiation from the mast. The outbreak of illnesses occurred in 2001, after seven years of exposure to the radiation emitted by the mast. This was the first generation 2G and 3G.
We were shocked to later discover the ECOLOG report commissioned by T-Mobile of over 220 peer reviewed and published papers found evidence for: Effects on central nervous system, cancer initiating and promoting effects, Impairments of certain brain functions, loss of memory and cognitive function. ECOLOG called for an immediate downward regulation for the ICNIRP guideline. This study, profound in its conclusions of harm, was not circulated and remained “hidden” in German until discovered and translated by an NGO many years later.
Peter Wingate-Saul was then representing Crown Castle allowing T-Mobile mast on their land. He met with victims face to face. He also attended the EM Radiation Research Trust 2008 conference and listened to presentations from scientists from both sides of the debate and there was no doubt this is a serious issue.
Sir William Stewart presented at the 2008 conference. He was the Chairman for the UK Health Protection Agency now known as Public Health England. He was the Chief Scientist reporting directly to the Conservative and Labour Governments.
Quote from Sir William Stewart’s presentation “Since 2000 there has been a mass of publications, reports, observations, and views purporting at the very least to implicate phones/base stations as a cause of adverse health effects. At a time of uncertainty when more information is required, non-peer reviewed articles should not be ignored. Doing so is ridiculous. They may be right but unproven and/or offer pointers to be thought about and followed up.”
Here is a link to the EM Radiation Research Trust 2008 conference archives:…/2008-conference-presen…/

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