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1) To promote legislative schemes, laws and policies to regulate 5G and associated technologies.

2) To establish a moratorium on 5G until such technologies are proven safe to human health, flora, fauna and property.

3) Encouraging and supporting the development of safe wired and wireless electromagnetic radiation emitting technologies.

4) Initiating the design and evaluation of the Australian Government’s agency ‘Infrastructure Australia’, and utilising this infrastructure plan to advise governments, industry and the Australian community on the investments and reforms needed to deliver an environmentally sustainable national fibre optic cable telecommunications infrastructure to service all Australians.

5) To call for a parliamentary enquiry or Royal Commission investigating the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research as to, among other listed concerns, why they fail to heed medical advice as to the risk of harm to the health of the Australian public.

For a complete list of extensive policies and objectives of the No5G Party please go to:

The No5G Party will be nominating and endorsing candidates for elected public office in Commonwealth, State and Territory parliaments and Local government bodies in all Australian jurisdictions.

Growing our membership is key to having our voices heard. Millions of people have already become educated about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation being emitted from unsafe technology. Until now, we have had little or no say in how this technology is being foisted upon us.

Yes, No5G is a single issue party, for now. But with your support, once the No5G Party becomes a force for promoting safe technology and restricting that which is unsafe, we will – unlike other parties – adapt and change our name in order to promote other policies outside of the electromagnetic radiation issue.

We invite you to become a member of the No5G Party today so that we can become a force for good, in all of our communities. Source: Environmental Health Trust