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Does cell phone radiation cause a health risk? The answer is “yes” according to Devra Davis, PhD, MPH. Cell phone radiation has been classified as a possible class II carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Studies have shown a probable causal effect of electromagnetic fields on causing brain tumours such as glioblastoma and acoustic neuromas. Cell phones have also been associated with fertility problems and certain breast cancers.

The Italian Supreme Court has determined that Innocente Marcoliini’s brain tumour was caused by his use of cell phones. Swiss farmers swear that their health and the health of their animals were adversely affected by cell towers. Mobile devices actually warn to keep mobile devices at a safe distance. Children are even at a greater risk of harm as their heads are small, skulls are thin and their brains are rapidly growing. Dr. Davis discusses the research, the science research, the resistance to such research.

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