Since 2016, American diplomats, CIA agents and NSA agents working overseas have been targeted by a mysterious weapon causing brain injury that “leaves no trace”, according to a CBS report. So far there have been 25 Americans who worked in the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, 15 American officials in China and several others since the 1990’s who suffered symptoms of severe unusual sounds accompanied by headaches, impaired vision, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and memory loss among other symptoms from a unknown source. These symptoms are similar to those with microwave illness found in military radar workers, described by NASA and other agencies. It is believed these recent attacks were perpetrated by foreign governments.

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Interviews of the victims were shown on a 60 minutes episode 3/17/19 with descriptions of their physical illness. One woman reported that she, her mother who came to visit, and her dogs experienced vomiting when the attacks happened. CBS investigating reporters looked at a worker’s compensation case filed by former NSA employee who had a similar experience. NSA describes such a weapon as a “high-powered microwave system weapon that may have the ability to weaken, intimidate, or kill an enemy over time without leaving evidence…this weapon is designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves.”  One State department security officer  who uses top secret equipment to analyze threats to diplomatic missions believed he was targeted because of his work.

MORE INFO HERE  The EM Radiation Research Trust submitted information raising concerns online to The Planning Inspectorate, Yr Arolygiaeth Gynlluni

To View the 60 minutes episode go here   Brain Trauma Suffered by U.S. Diplomats Abraod Could be Work of Hostile Foreign Government 

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