Dozens of cities in the US have filed lawsuits against the FCC  because of bully tactics by the FCC. The FCC is stripping away local authority with industry friendly regulations for 5G small cells. 

Oral arguments on two consolidated lawsuits against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding 5G small cell densification were heard February 10 in Pasadena California. Cities are opposed to FCC orders facilitating 5G technology which the cities say constitutes a “federal overreach” and “land grab” by the telecommunications companies.

 The cases focuses on 2018 FCC rules that  specify price limits, time tables and other details which cities and companies must follow regarding the installation of wireless equipment on city streetlights, poles and rooftops.  Cities say said the FCC rule eliminates their power to negotiate  agreements on wireless antenna facilities and would force municipalities to lease public infrastructure at below-market rates, basically subsidizing access to telecommunications companies.

“I represent thousands of telecommunications workers who are members of CWA in California, Nevada,
and Hawaii, and I can tell you that working people are concerned about the orders coming out of the
FCC,” said CWA District 9 Vice President Frank Arce. “CWA members know firsthand the dangers of
rushed deployment. We’ve seen out-of-state contractors who aren’t properly trained, doing rushed
work without proper attention to safety. When local power is robbed and it’s an industry free-for-all on
public property, it also hurts workers, public safety, and people in our community who don’t have digital
access. This is a local government issue, this is a workers rights issue, this is a digital equity issue – we
need to hold the industry accountable.”

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