Residents lobbied government officials to prevent pole

Macomb Daily


According to Macomb Daily, a 5G “small” cell tower was halted after massive community opposition. 

Residents of the Cross Creek subdivision were recently able to breathe a sigh of relief when they learned that a 5G utility pole slated to be erected in their subdivision had been reconsidered.

On Nov. 29, a spokesperson from U.S. Rep Lisa McClain’s office weighed in on the issue in a statement to The Macomb Daily.

“Representing my constituents, and addressing any issues they have regarding the federal government is my top priority in Congress. When local residents called my office to express concerns about a proposed Verizon cell tower in their neighborhood, my team and I contacted Verizon to request they reconsider the current permitted location and consider alternative locations. I’m pleased the permits have been pulled and the issue has been resolved,” McClain said.

On Oct. 27, Matt Elwart, a resident of Anthony Drive, located near 22 Mile and Garfield roads, brought to the Board of Trustees concerns regarding the 5G utility pole and presented officials with a petition of over 150 residents against the pole location.

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