by SafeTech International 

Sunday, July 17th, 6:00 pm UK time 

The European Citizens’ Initiative Stop5G Project was launched in March 2022, and has one year to gather a million signatures from across Europe. If successful, the European Commission and Parliament will be obliged to address the proposals that the EU enact regulations to protect health, nature, the environment, and privacy. 

Safe Tech International is hosting a webinar to encourage people to sign, share and help “get the word out” about this critical and potentially life-changing Appeal, and to ensure the 27 European countries who collaborated on this effort, reach their goal of 1,000,000 signatures by March, 2023. 

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The Stay Connected But Protected Stop5G Project includes 23 Proposals related to health, wildlife, privacy, satellites, cyber security, prioritization of wired connections, and informed consent. The Draft Legal Act created by Europeans for Safe Connections delineates these  proposals. 
Listed below are the eminent speakers who will be presenting on the webinar. Topics to be covered include: What is an ECI and why is it so important? Electromagnetic Sensitivity; effects of RF on bacteria, pollinators, and immune protective cells; what is the mechanism of harm; and why locally controlled fiber should be prioritized over the current top-down, for-profit, corporate-dominated, non-consensual wireless technology being foisted on us all. 
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