When will they come clean over the radiation risks of 5G?
Gillian Jamieson
December 12, 2022
‘DOES citing peer-reviewed studies on the health impact of 5G and wifi make you a ‘conspiracy theorist’? The ‘Broadband and the road to 5G’ inquiry run by the Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee seems to suggest so.
Before I explain further, I’d like to ask about your relationship with your smartphone. Do you love it so much that you would keep it on your person even if you knew it could damage your health?
A friend of mine used to go running with her smartphone in her bra and before she knew it had stage 4 breast cancer. In his later years my father had his wirelessly connected iPad on his lap much of the time. He lost the power in his thighs and got dementia. Does my suggestion of some connection seem outlandish to you? If so, please keep reading!’…