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Dear   …………

Having read the communications that I have been sent by you, I want to let you know that I found the content of it to be threatening and discriminatory an illegal and unlawful attempt to demand I participate in, the now confirmed dangerous medical experiment.

I want to know the names of the individuals who crafted this communication, as it does not follow the laws or primary legislation of this country. Guidelines are not law and actors in parliament should never breach the primary legislation, break the law or my inalienable right to life. Article 2 of the Human Rights Act. Can you confirm by return who the Directors are who are making these demands upon me and in breach of the law, as this agenda is something I feel intimidated and threatened by.

The demands are unlawful as I have been threatened with a financial loss if I do not comply this is blackmail, a criminal matter.

I have been unable to express my serious reservations to others over this Covid 19 vaccine medical experiment earlier, due to the threat of now illegal disciplinary sanctions issued by this organisation, White-v-GMC-judgment-031221. The coercion, mandates breach the primary legislation and are all crimes and I have now been given no choice but to stand firm against these illegal unlawful activities as is my duty. The Covid 19 vaccine, a so-called vaccine that required the definition of vaccine to be changed to accommodate what is infact a technology.  The fact that those administering this so called vaccine have no knowledge of the technology or the actual ingredients, shows that no informed consent could be taken from the victim. This in itself amounts to medical battery from an experiment that does not conclude at the earliest 2023.

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  If I were to participate in this medical experiment it would nullify my life and health insurance policies. Insurance companies will not pay out for injury or death caused by medical experiments.

Lisa Shaw, a BBC Reporter died after taking this experimental technology, even though she was not at serious risk from any ill-health from Corona Viruses – this is just one person out of 1,913 who have died in the UK after receiving the Covid 19 vaccination, which has terrified me.  You are attempting to demand I participate in this medical experiment that has killed thousands and injured millions by threatening economic hardship and financial loss.  The Government’s Data shows there are 1,382,846 serious adverse reactions and the numbers are rising, which has led to the Metropolitan Police opening up a criminal investigation (Crime Number 6029679/21)

This link   takes you to thousands of published peer-reviewed scientific documents confirming the horrific injuries including, neurological disorders, cancer, stroke, myocarditis, AIDS and death from COVID 19 vaccine, which confirm your demand is unlawful and illegal. The Government and Pharmaceutical companies have confirmed that this so-called vaccine neither stops the catching of, or the transmission of the Coronavirus. (PHS) Public health Scotland, confirm that the vaccinated are filling hospitals and it is the unvaccinated who are surviving the emerging variants, that leading scientists confirm are caused by the experiment. Pathogen excretions are higher in the vaccinated people who pose a higher risk to those in their care, confirming your demand is reckless endangerment. The dangers posed from taking this experimental technology  are significantly more life-threatening than the fabricated statistics, falsified death certificates data put out by the media and criminals to terrorize the population into taking the COVID 19 vaccine’s. My own immune system which currently gives me a 99.98% protection against corona viruses is far greater than reported zero efficacy from the first two Covid 19 Vaccines as reported by the manufacturer. I am sure once you have availed yourself of the actual scientific facts from this experiment, not only should you be appalled, but you may join an increasing number of people in this country resisting the fabricated media narrative and pre-planned medical tyranny.

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I request a signed document from you confirming, that the Covid 19 vaccines are safe and effective. 

The COVID 19 vaccine contains dead baby foetus cell line as well as SM102 (Luciferin), a toxic bio-luminescence chemical. The Nano metamaterial contaminants are known to cause sterilization, which arguably change the status of human beings to an electrical device. This is an abomination to mankind something that should be abhorrent to any person, once availed of the actual ingredients.

Once you have reviewed the scientific literature on the dangers posed to me or anyone participating in this medical experiment, I expect you or whoever crafted these communications to retract the content of them. If not this will confirm your wilful participation in this criminal enterprise to unlawfully and illegally demand I participate in this experiment. This great evil is perpetrated against an unsuspecting public through their ignorance of the facts, pushed by an acquiescent governance of organisations.

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The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSW Act) requires employers to ensure the health and safety of all employees, breach of the provisions of Act, and/ or a breach of Health and Safety regulations, are civil and criminal offences for which an individual or company or both can be prosecuted in the criminal courts.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require employers to assess risks, where necessary and take action to address them. I therefore request your current risk assessment of the COVID 19 experimental vaccines technology, as one document. Can you also make available your risk benefit assessment for the use of masks in the work place as well as their efficacy in reducing transmission of pathogens and health implications especially from those disinfected with Ethylene Oxide.