In 30 years, the most serious brain cancers have been multiplied by 4 and more, affecting all age groups. From 17 minutes of communication, every day, for 10 years with a cell phone in contact with the head, the risk of brain cancer increases by 60%. And this is without mentioning other diseases such as infertility or electro-hypersensitivity ….

With your support, we have made important advances, so let’s keep going!

Thus in three years, Phonegate Alert has already :

  • Forced the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) to make public tests of more than 750 cell phones through legal action.
  • Obtained the withdrawal and software updates of 28 models of the most famous brands.
  • Testified in the USA before the Federal Health Agency of the National Toxicology Program, before the European Parliament, the Italian Parliament, in Germany, but also in the US Congress;
  • Launched the first legal actions in France and with its international partners;
  • Participated in the highly critical counter-expertise of the ANSES report on 5G.
  • Published with Massot Editions the book “Phonegate, Tous surexposés, tous trompés, tous mis en danger par nos portables” written by Dr Marc Arazi. The latter has allowed a wide media coverage of the case including a French documentary of Complément d’enquête, “5G, l’onde d’un doute”.
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Let’s protect even more people from the dangers of cell phones. For this we need your help:

  • For 10 euros, you help 50 people to receive our newsletter up to several times a week
  • With 30 euros, you warn 500 people about the dangers of keeping a cell phone in contact with the body;
  • For 50 euros, you reinforce our advocacy action with 10 deputies or civil servants within the French, European and international authorities;
  • For 75 euros, you participate in the creation of 1 information and training tool for parents, teachers and health professionals.
  • For 100 euros, you support 1 victim or 1 plaintiff in legal actions against manufacturers (mainly consignment fees).
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Make a donation, support Phonegate Alert

Today, everyone has a cell phone. Children are using them younger and younger. And the development of 5G will increase the health risks for both users and those living near cell towers.

So support Phonegate Alert by making a donation, whatever the amount. It’s very simple!

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