VIDEO. 5G: are we protected by the limit values ​​for exposure to electromagnetic waves? Who fixes them?
Below certain exposure limit values, electromagnetic waves are harmless, says the WHO. What are these limit values? Are they enough to protect us? By whom are they fixed? “Further investigation” compiled scientific studies and questioned certain risks of conflicts of interest ..

VIDEO. 5G: are electromagnetic waves the cause of cancer among Atos employees?
5G and the deployment of new relay antennas that will accompany it give rise to many fears. What can be the effects of electromagnetic waves on our health? Do they have a link with these brain cancers diagnosed in several employees of a company in Yvelines? Extract from “Further investigation” of November 12, 2020.

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VIDEO. “Phonegate”: since 2016, a doctor has denounced a general overexposure to cell phone waves
Our mobile phones expose us to electromagnetic waves on a daily basis. Are we really protected? In theory, yes, because all manufacturers have the obligation to have their phone models approved. However, since 2016, a general practitioner denounces the certification process, recalls this excerpt from “Further investigation”. Source: Environmental Health Trust