First 5G Global Protest: News Coverage

“The deployment of 5G around the world is being carried out with the collusion of world governments and major telecommunication companies without guarantees for health and the environment. Scientific and environmental organizations from all over the planet have come together to demand from the UN, the WHO, the European Union, the Council of Europe and the governments of all nations the call that was issued throughout January 25 planet….”  (Google translation)

(Los ecologistas piden que se detenga el despliegue del 5G.” El Illustrador, Jan 27, 2020)

A Google news search found that Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Croatia and Slovenia appear to have had the most news coverage of the demonstrations. Although protests were planned in more than 85 cities in English-speaking countries, relatively few news stories appeared in English. 

Following are links to 90 (approx.) news stories from twenty-two countries.