A SLOW HIROSHIMA: Prof. Oleg Gregoriev is chairman of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

(more) His predecessor figured out the plan to cap Chernobyl, to give you an idea of his importance. He is opposed to the 5G rollout globally because it isunsafe. Both the Soviets & the US tested the millimeterwave on military subjects. Gregoriev compares the rolloaut of 5G to a “slow Hiroshima”. Here is a photograph of Professor Oleg Grigoriev and his predecessor Professor Yury Grigoriev, award winning scientists and both good men with honour and respect. In the words of Professor Yury Grigoriev “Man conquered the Black Plague, but he has created new problems – EMF pollution”.

MORE INFO HERE  From zygote to foetus there is no hiding place from the electrically induced phase transition from 5G with its accompanying support and carrier waves