Small cells for 4G (now) and 5G (now or soon) are being installed to provide the infrastructure for 5G on new and existing street poles throughout the USA. Cellular companies are racing to “claim” street poles (light & utility poles) so they can attach their wireless antennas for continuous upgrades. Multiple companies may attach equipment to street poles as well.

Some are ending up very close to homes and businesses, severely impacting those inside and in the public right-of-way, which can extend 6-8 feet into your yard from the curb, a fact many don’t realize. We know of one recent case in a rural area, where a 40 foot tall utility street pole was erected on a lower street on a hill just for this “small cell”. The “small cell” (which will emit high, dangerous radiation) is a directional antenna reported by workers to be capable of transmitting 5 miles away, and is located directly outside a sensitive toddler’s bedroom window at a house on the street above, is designed to beam directly through the house.

According to the new “FCC orders”, no noticing (informing neighbors) was necessary for this small cell.  Thus, no one in the homes impacted knew till they came home from work and saw the pole and small cell in its harmful placement. To date, these custom-home-owners are considering the extreme health risks and their loss of property value when forced to move – or whether they can sell it at all. Even occupying the home is a major risk likely to sicken the occupants, as soon as it is turned on, with severe headaches and other serious problems others have reported with far more distance between them and small cells or antennas, for even short periods of time.

MORE INFO HERE  Renowned UC San Diego Researcher Warns of Wireless Health Impacts in Letter to CA Assembly

This is the result of the Trump White House placing higher value on “the race for 5G” (focused on industry profit), directing the FCC to issue industry-inspired-and-favored “orders” to “streamline for 5G”, with no consideration for the impact on human lives or homeowners’ rights to benefit from, keep, be safe in, and enjoy their most valuable asset – their homes.

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