On May 14th, our five associations – Robin des toits, Phonegate Alert, European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (“ECERI”), Center for Independent Research and Information on Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (“CRIIREM”) and Environmental Health Trust (“EHT”), had sent an informal appeal to the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) contesting:

  • on the one hand, the non-publication and the non-inclusion by ANSES of the comments and contributions made by each of our associations in the framework of the public consultation on the expert report and the associated opinion published on April 20, 2021, on “Population exposure to electromagnetic fields associated with the deployment of “5G” communication technology and the related health effects”, by requesting their reintegration;
  • on the other hand, the above-mentioned report and consolidated opinion in order to integrate the comments and contributions made.

Rejection of our appeal against the 5G Report of ANSES

When an administration, however, does not respond to an informal appeal within two months, silence is considered as a rejection of the request.

ANSES therefore persists in not wanting to make public our contributions that would be likely to call into question the conclusions of its report as well as the impartiality of its work.

By acting in this way and by remaining silent, the agency also shows a certain contempt for the work that our citizen associations are doing to protect the health of users.
In this context, in the next few days, our associations will decide on the follow-up to our legal action against the decision of ANSES.

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