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Julius Gorm Graakjær Grantzau, is a self-employed entrepreneur, IT-consultant, former member of The Danish Parliament.


Asking the right questions

5G is being rolled out across the country and the world with rapid speed and high priority, governments are part of removing any barriers, that would exist (e.g. approvals when placing transmitters in the public domain) and nobody can explain, why we are going to have 5G (and why it’s a rush). Furthermore, 5G is being rolled out before there is any standard for, what 5G is (and no standards means no approvals). Calling it 5G is deceptive, as it is NOT simply an upgrade or natural development of existing technology, which it may sound like (from 3-4-5G). But that is the way, the industry made the politicians believe, that this 5G is not something they have to think about. A part of the 5G network is, among other things, satellites that has to make sure, that every square inch of earth is covered. As far as I have understood, they (SpaceX and others) now wish to send up 53.000 satellites. Keeping in mind that today there are a few thousand satellites in orbit, it is a pretty huge increase which in itself is scary. How is that going to affect the atmosphere of the earth, the environment, the climate? Bees, trees, kids? Already we know that harmful effects (of the existing wireless technologies) such as stress and various behavioral disorders (both among children, adolescents and adults) are on the rise, as is brain cancer. How can Danish telecom TDC and other companies defend to be a part of this experiment? Direct responsible for putting up non-tested and probably seriously harmful technology? And, by the way, a surveillance technology, undemocratic in every way. And how can people in management (or other employees for that matter) be at the forefront of that kind of project, while innocent (unaware) children must be test subjects in this new and unknown technology? Following this link, you can see the management of TDC, and then I suggest, that you call and ask them, what they are doing.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Dariusz Leszczynski