A science event on the effects of

Radiofrequency Radiation


Mobile Phones and Masts

 Senior Citizens Club, 45 Eversley Road, Bexhill TN40 1HA

 Monday, June 12th, 6-8pm

“We are flying blind with 5G”

The conclusion of US Senator Blumenthal at a Senate hearing where the telecommunications industry revealed

there was virtually no research on the health effects of 5G (2019)

Come and listen to the evidence, find out how risks of harm can be reduced, and put your questions to:

Professor Kent Chamberlin, University of New Hampshire, USA, specialist in computational electromagnetics and expert adviser to the New Hampshire Commission report on 5G (2020)

MORE INFO HERE  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “Cell phone radiation is bad for you.”

Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe, founder of Physicians for Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment.

Chaired by David Gee, Bexhill resident, former Senior Adviser on Science, Policy and Emerging Issues, European Environment Agency.

Bexhill 12th June meeting poster 2023