Two biological effects of RF-EMF are considered by anti-5G activists as proving health hazard:

  • DNA damage
  • Inhibition of immune response

Both of the effects are speculated to be caused by the oxidative stress induced in cells by the RF-EMF exposures. There are experimental in vitro and in vivo studies suggesting induction of oxidative stress by RF-EMF exposures, the impact of this oxidative stress on DNA and on immunity remains very speculative.

In my earlier blog I have briefly explained the problem of RF-EMF-caused oxidative stress-induced effects:

“…The both, DNA damage and impairment of the immune response rely on the evidence suggesting that RF-EMF causes oxidative stress in cells. However, simply observing increased oxidative stress in tissues and increased levels of short-lived free radicals is not sufficient to prove human health effect.

Cells are not just balls uniformly filled with viscous liquid. They are extensively compartmentalized and movement of molecules between various compartments is very strictly regulated. The oxidative stress needs to appear in a cellular compartment that will allow certain kind of effect. For example, in order to damage DNA, the very-short-living and very-short distance-acting free radicals need to be generated inside the cell nucleus and in close proximity to the DNA molecule. This might be not so easy spatially because access to DNA molecule is limited by the coat of proteins. So, before claiming that RF-EMF damages DNA we also need to show that, at least, the free radicals are indeed generated within the nucleus…”

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The speculated inhibition of the immune response by the RF-EMF exposures, especially by the 5G-emitted radiation, was the cause of the recent controversial scaremongering comments suggesting link between spread of coronavirus and the 5G technology. These claims were unfounded because not only virus spread very efficiently where 5G was not deployed, like in Iran and on cruise ships, but also there is no scientific evidence proving that RF-EMF, including 5G, has any impact on human immune response.

In my opinion, after reviewing scientific studies dealing with the oxidative stress, I did not find any evidence proving causality link between RF-EMF and 5G exposures and immunity.

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However, to assure myself, and hopefully to assure the anti-5G activists that the claims of proven inhibition of the immune response by 5G are false, I asked today (16.04.2020) several prominent scientists of their opinion.

I received immediately a statement from David O. Carpenter and, with his permission I am quoting it here:

  • Question: What is, in your opinion, the best experimental study proving directly that RF inhibits immune response? Dariusz Leszczynski
  • Answer: In my judgment there is no convincing evidence that RF inhibits immune responses. There certainly are some publications making that claim, but the evidence is very weak. David O. Carpenter

Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Dariusz Leszczynski