According to The good news: on October 4th, Gov. Newsom vetoed SB 556 on small cells but signed AB 537, which is very bad news.
Key provision in AB 537 
“(h) A city or county shall not prohibit or unreasonably discriminate in favor of, or against, any particular wireless technology.”
That means a city or county cannot prohibit 5G.  This new law seems to be industry’s move, in concert with author Quirk and Gov. Gavin Newsom, to invalidate / eliminate the 2019 Mozilla ruling. The Mozilla ruling opened the door for states and their political subdivisions (cities and counties) to regulate the internet and 5G. If I’m correct, that “loophole”  has now been closed in California by this bill. The state’s new policy through this bill is allowing 5G and wireless broadband. Cell tower bills AB 955 (Cal-Trans, streets and highways) and SB 378 (microtrenching) were signed by Gavin Newsom October 8.