December 23, 2017 update

To date more than 100
domestic and 130 foreign news stories have been published regarding
the California Department of
Public Health’s 
cell phone radiation safety guidance. The safety warnings have received media coverage in 48 countries.

News Media Coverage
(Updated October 1, 2019)


Did California’s Health Dept. Help Lobbyists Fight Lead Bill? How an agency charged with protecting public health gave talking points to the lead-battery industry
Joe Rubin, Capital & Main, Oct 1, 2019

The Dark Side of Wireless Technology

Conan Milner, Epoch Times, Jan 9, 2018

More data emerges about radiation risks and smartphones
Tim Sandle, Digital Journal, Jan 9, 2018

California Issues Warning on Cell Phone Radiation

Environment News Service, Jan 9, 2018

California Releases Cell Phone Radiation Reducing Guidelines

Blake Powers, KLUV (Dallas, TX), Jan 5, 2018
Russel Davis, Natural News, Jan 4, 2018
Tom Kisken, Ventura County Star (CA), Jan 2, 2018

How to Decrease Exposure to Your Smartphone’s Radiation

Brooke Nelson, Reader’s Digest, Jan 1, 2018

A California public health report suggests that cellphone exposure is bad for us — but the scientific community isn’t so sure

Stephen Schmidt, Public Radio International, Dec 31, 2017
Arianna Gael, File Hippo News, Dec 28, 2017

New guidance issued for avoiding cell phone radiation
Bob Segall, WTHR (Indianapolis, IN), Dec 26, 2017

California to mobile phone owners: use a headset to avoid radiation

Brittany A Roston, Slash Gear, Dec 26, 2017

Editorial: Smartphone users should minimize risk
San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board, Dec 24, 2017 (print edition, Dec 26, 2017)

California takes a first step on cellphone health hazard, Dec 25, 2017

5 Bad Cell Phone Habits You Should Break
April M. Short, Salon, Dec 24, 2017

In Your Bag, Not Your Bra, Says California Cell Phone Advisory
Jean Yamamura, Santa Barbara Independent, Dec 23, 2017

Tips And Tricks To Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer From Cell Phone Radiation

Dennis Bedoya, Infosurhoy, Dec 23, 2017

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Here’s Why You Should Never Sleep Near Your Mobile

Tech Caption, Dec 23, 2017

California says the only safe way to talk on your cell phone is to text
Zoe Schlanger, Quarz, Dec 22, 2017

How worried do we need to be about cell phone radiation?
Sean Franklin, WBIR (Knoxville, TN), Dec 22, 2017

Avoiding EMF radiation not as easy as quitting smoking

Caille Millner, San Francisco Chronicle, Dec 21, 2017
Mike Peterson, iDrop News, Dec 20, 2017

California Releases Cell Phone Radiation Guidelines
WebMD News from HealthDay, undated

California Just Issued A Warning About Cell-Phone Radiation—How Worried Should You Be?

Korin Miller, Women’s Health, Dec 19, 2017

Abby Hamlin, San Diego Union-Tribune, Dec 19, 2017

Tips for avoiding cellphone radiation

Laura Kelly, Washington Times, Dec 19, 2017

California Issues Health Guidelines For Cellphone Radiation, & Here’s What Parents Should Know

Andrea Frazier, Romper, Dec 19, 2017

California Department of Public Health says your phone might be dangerous

Cell Phone Radiation May Be Dangerous, California Health Officials Warn

Raquel Laneri, New York Post, Dec 18, 2017

California issues health guidelines on cell-phone use

Gabriel Bell, Salon, Dec 18, 2017
Kent German, c|net, Dec 18, 2017

California Warns That Cell Phone Radiation May Be Bad for Health—Here’s What We Know

Stephen Jordan, Digital Trends, Dec 18, 2017

California warns of cell phone health risks
Stephanie Mlot, Geek, Dec 18, 2017

Cell phones should be kept away from the body warn California health officials

Dr. Ananya Mandel, News-Medical, Dec 18, 2017
Darren Sweeney, Fox 8 (Cleveland, OH), Dec 18, 2017

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California Officials Warn Against Sleeping By Phone Due To Cell Tower Radiation

Denisse Moreno, International Business Times, Dec 16, 2017

California Warns About Cell Phone Exposure And Health Risks

RT, Dec 16, 2017

New Guidelines On Cell Phone Use To Reduce Exposure To Radio Frequency Energy

Harlem World Magazine, Dec 16, 2017

California: Here’s how to handle unfounded fears of cell phone cancer

Beth Mole, Ars Technica, Dec 16, 2017

Smartphone radiation dangers recognized

CBS Evening News (national news), Dec 15,
Tracy Seipel and Tom Lochner, Mercury News (San
Jose, CA), Dec 15, 2017
Buhr, Tech Crunch, Dec 15. 2017
Parker, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dec. 15, 2017
Venton and John Brooks, KQED (San Francisco, CA), Dec 15, 2017
Steimle, CBS San Francisco, Dec 14, 2017
Ed Cara,
Gizmodo, Dec 14, 2017
Nash, Breitbart News, Dec 14, 2017
Lochner, East Bay Times, Dec 14, 2017
(San Francisco, CA), Dec 14, 2017
Courtney Kreider, KRCR-TV (Redding,
CA), Dec 14, 2017
Miami Herald (Miami, FL), Dec 14,
Suzanne Potter, Public News
Service, Dec 14, 2017
Charlie Nash, Breitbart News, Dec
14, 2017
Natalie Brunell, KCRA -TV
(Sacramento, CA), Dec 13, 2017
CBS Sacramento, Dec 13, 2017
Sammy Caiola, Capitol Public
Radio (Sacramento, CA), Dec 13, 2017
Barbara Anderson, Fresno Bee, Dec
13, 2017
James W Jakobs, KFSN-TV (Fresno,
CA), Dec 13, 2017
“State kept warnings on cell
phones secret” (print version, pg. C-1, May 21, 2017)
Melody Gutierrez, San Francisco
Chronicle, published online May 19, 2017
Cal-OSHA Reporter,
44(15):00-11745, Apr 21, 2017
Sammy Caiola, Sacramento Bee, Apr
6, 2017
Editorial, San Francisco Chronicle,
Mar 3, 2017
Scott Budman, NBC Bay Area, Mar
3, 2017
Vicki Gonzalez, KCRA (NBC
Sacramento), Mar 3, 2017
Jeff Gillan,
KSNV (NBC Las Vegas), Mar 3, 2017
Melendez, KGO-TV (ABC Bay Area), Mar 3, 2017
Gabe Slate, KRON, Mar 3, 2017
“Warnings on cell phone
use” (print version, front page, Mar 3, 2017)
Melody Gutierrez, San Francisco
Chronicle, Mar 2, 2017
Hannah Albarazi, CBS San
Francisco, Mar 2, 2017
Reynard Loki, Alternet, Feb 28,
Julie Watts, CBS San Francisco,
Feb 26, 2017 
Julie Watts, CBS San Francisco,
Feb 24, 2017
First Amendment Project, Jun 16,

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KPFA (Berkeley), and
KWFS (Wichita Falls, TX).
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