Our NGO Phonegate Alert is launching an important colaborative action with Europeans for Safe Connections to write to each of the national telecom regulators in the 26 countries of the European Union.

We are counting on both european partner organizations and citizens to take action to achieve real health protection for cell phone users in the wake of the Phonegate industry scandal.

Our common goal is to raise awareness among all official actors of the European telecom regulation by the end of the year.

To facilitate the implementation of this operation, we provide you below the letter that will be sent to your national regulator and in copy to the European Commission. We kindly ask you to translate it into your national language beforehand.

You will find below the letter and the first mailings.

We thank you in advance for your support

The letters have been translated, sent and (some) answered in these countries:

The text of the letter to be translated

To: name of national authority that verifies or should verify that the transmitting equipment in the market complies with the standards
From: your name or name of organisation, memberor not  of Europeans for Safe Connections

Date: xxx

Subject: Specific Absorption Rate tests

Dear Madam/Sir,

We are writing to you in the context of your responsibility as national telecom regulator for the transmitting devices on the market such as cell phones, tablets and other connected objects. In this capacity and in the framework of European regulations, you are responsible for the safety and health of people using these devices put on the market in our country.

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We would therefore like to know whether your agency has carried out specific absorption rate (SAR) tests of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, tablets and connected objects on bodies (head, trunk and limbs), and if so, under what conditions (products supplied by the manufacturer or taken from a shop).

If tests have been carried out, we would like all test reports to be sent to us and made public.

In France, as early as July 2016, legal actions were set up, by Dr. Marc Arazi, founder of the NGO Phonegate Alert, resulting in the Agence nationale des fréquences (ANFR) publishing hundreds of SAR test reports that were made since 2012 without having been published. Since June 2018, an official DATA site has therefore allowed them to be listed. To date, more than 750 mobile phone SAR test reports are directly accessible to the public via this site.

Following these tests, thirty five mobile phone models were considered non-compliant by the ANFR. Measures were therefore taken either to withdraw them from the market or to require the manufacturer to update the SAR value of its product by means of a software update.

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We would therefore like to know whether these models, which are deemed to be non-compliant in France, have been the subject of particular attention from your services? And what measures have you taken to ensure consumer safety?

Following the revelations of these significant SAR limit violations, the French public authorities asked the health agency ANSES, to give its opinion on the possible related health risks. In a report published in October 2019, ANSES recommended to public authorities:

– To withdraw or update mobile phones placed on the market before June 2017 tested by ANFR with a SAR exceeding regulatory levels. This corresponds to more than 250 models.
– To test all SARs in direct contact with the skin, i.e. at 0 mm, and in particular the trunk SAR which is still measured at 5 mm.

We would like to know if you have been informed of the recommendations made by ANSES. And now that we have focused your attention on this recommendation, what do you intend to do, given that a large proportion of these models have been placed on the French national market and may be on the national market in our country.

Do you plan to perform SAR measurements yourself or in cooperation with other authorities, for mobile phones used on the national market in line with the recommendations of ANSES?

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France has decided, in line with the recommendations made by ANSES, to lodge a formal objection with the European Commission to request a measurement on the trunk of the SAR at 0 mm. We would therefore like to know whether your agency is in favor of this request and would support the French proposal in the appropriate EU bodies?

This letter is written in cooperation with Dr. Marc Arazi, Phonegate Alert and Europeans for Safe Connections and has been sent to the European national telecom regulators.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please allow us to contact you again if we do not receive a reply within one month.

Kind regards,


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