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One of the biggest worries flagged in Europe is that exposure to some of the frequencies used for 5G technology could possibly lead to cancer

So, should we in India be worried?

Yes, and the parliament is aware. In March 2022, the standing committee on information technology (2020-21) on India’s preparedness for 5G, chaired by Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor, in its 21st report said that it has felt that 5G technology is still in a nascent stage and the real dangers of radiation for health will become clearer only when its application becomes all pervasive.

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The Committee had recommended the Department not only to rely on the reports of WHO but to keep their eyes and ears open to other studies and scientific researches that emerge from time to time on health hazards from 5G radiation. The Committee had also recommended that the Department should collaborate with other Ministries and Institutes for a long- term India-specific research to study the impact of Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) from mobile towers and propose adequate budgetary allocation for this purpose.”

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