Image from Berkeley Cell Tower Protest

Berkeley, California.  AT&T is starting to install the first of multiple new transmitters on already over-burdened power poles in mixed use residential neighborhoods by grocery stores, the Berkeley Unified School District building and the Thousand Oaks Primary School (where Kamala Harris went to school.) 


On October 5, sixteen pole protectors from WIreless Radiation Education and Defense (WiRED) came to vigils at two work sites at 1:00 AM. Five people were injured by Berkeley city police who escorted some away from a utility pole on the sidewalk and forcefully removed those who refused to leave around 4:00 AM.  A 61 year-old man suffered pulled muscles from being roughed-up by the officers.  A woman was left with bruises on her body, while another said the police were so aggressive that she screamed, fearing they were going to break her arm.  The mayor has promised an investigation.
Daniel Borgström’s eye witness report is published here.


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The September protest videos can be seen here and here.  A video of October protests is here.


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