From the Sydney Morning Herald, January 15, 2018


Ben Grubb

CES, the tech showcase held each year in Las Vegas, highlights what are meant to be the latest and greatest advancements in technology. Things meant to make you go “whoa” many times over, at least according to this year’s official CES billboards.

But as one observer remarked, this year’s felt more “no” than whoa, with wacky gadgets you don’t need and voice recognition robots that failed to understand commands or didn’t respond at all.

For the most part, the show seemed to be about artificial intelligence or voice recognition being integrated into everything, from TVs and cars to fridges and toilets.

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All of this felt like very incremental updates to technology. It just didn’t excite. Don’t get me wrong: the future of technology looks bright. I just wish companies would stop making things we don’t need that don’t solve real-world problems, or putting artificial intelligence technology and Wi-Fi into devices that don’t really require it. At least three different companies demonstrated suitcases that follow you as you make your way from, say, an airport’s check-in to your boarding gate. But as Joanna Stern from The Wall Street Journal discovered, they didn’t seem to work very well, with them running into walls or not being able to keep an eye on you. SNIP…

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