The comparisons are uncanny between old smoking adverts and modern adverts selling phones, broadband and WIFI. Celebrity endorsements. Doctors and scientists saying smoking is good for you or there’s no harm smoking. Using seasonal times and traditional values to sell the idea of smoking… Why? Because they know you will get addicted. As you can see from history, everyone who can make money out of something they know isn’t healthy for people will carry on until so much pressure is made that it harms their image or bank balance. This is the selfish corporate world doing the same thing to everyone again and again. Just by reading this article, you have made a step. Make the next one by posting it on social media and telling all the people to look at how everyone was lied to about smoking. IT IS THE SAME WITH 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI and 5G.

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Look at this Tweet from @WiedenKennedy Wieden+Kennedy London that employed Tom Bender and Tom Corcoran (Advertising corporate whores) to make an advert for Three Mobile that made people look like stupid monkeys making the audience believe the mobile phone has made their pathetic lives better – This is the same narrative that was played out when it was encouraged to smoke, e.g. smoke Cancer-causing cigarettes and you will attract more women.  Wieden+Kennedy London, Three Mobile and Tom Bender and Tom Corcoran actually think somehow it’s humorous to make fun of people who are addicted to phones and also think it’s funny to ridicule people who are trying to help others understand that mobile phones, WIFI, Broadband etc are SERIOUSLY DAMAGING to Human health (proven beyond all doubt).

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Please feel free to Tweet and liven this one up a little, it’s disgusting how the agency defends their own lies just for more pennies in the bank. If you rewrite their interpretation it says: Screw people, screw you. Screw everyone. Even screw our own employees and clients. We’re here for the money. Everything is fair game until we’re told it’s illegal. Actually yes, we think you’re monkeys because you’re responding to our advertising, we know you’re addicted and we know you’re probably overusing your mobile phone, so we’ll take the mikey out of you, the public.

Here’s some old smoking adverts and tactics:



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Now look at modern adverts from Telecoms and phone companies: