Nantes Métropole (660,000 inhabitants) in France has obtained a moratorium on not lighting up 5G and stopping the installation of antennas until a  debate open to the public and covered by the media takes place and until the National Health Agency’s report due in March.

Wireless companies state they are “ready to activate its branches as soon as it has the green light.” Ten days after activating France’s first network in Nice, on November 20, Altice-SFR announced on Monday the extension of 5G coverage in 120 municipalities. In Nantes, Orange and SFR share the market for the moment. According to a map from the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) , around fifty antennas are already in the city.

Press Release from May 2019 entitled “Implementation of 5G in Nantes: the health of the inhabitants before the race always faster, always more efficient!” quotes Catherine Bassani, elected from Nantes for environmental health: 

“ 5G promises speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G and will de facto lead to a considerable increase in exposure to radiofrequency radiation, the harmful effects of which on human health are to be feared. The deployment of 5G amounts to carrying out experiments on human beings and the environment,

In December 2020 the group posted “5G: We do not build highways without consulting the users first” which states “the commitment to organize a debate on health issues and the advisability of deploying 5G is a democratic issue. “

The 5G petition continues,

“This is why, without an independent study on the harmlessness of 5G, elected environmentalists and citizens are calling for the suspension of its deployment and the establishment of a moratorium, as the city of Brussels and the canton have already initiated. of Vaud in Switzerland, to protect their inhabitants.

We also ask that the citizens of Nantes be informed of the potential dangers of this new technology.

At a time of the development and proliferation of connected objects, it is urgent to pay attention to the health risks that they can generate. The race to always faster, always more efficient, must not take precedence over the principle of precaution and the health of the inhabitants.”

Learn more about the environmental group the Association of Ecologist and Citizen Watch at Source: Environmental Health Trust