In mid-2019, Dr. Devra Davis, PhD epidemiologist, MPH, scientist with NIH and winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2007, and founder of Environmental Health Trust ( was interviewed for a series called 5G Crisis.

Her interview is available now on Youtube, thanks to 5G Crisis and Josh del Sol, interviewer.

Dr. Devra Davis Interview – 5G Crisis

“A short sample of what you will hear in this excellent video: “Josh: Thank you. Okay. So on your website, environmental health;, you’ve compiled a list of independent studies on millimeter wave radiation, which is 5G radiation. And this is incredibly important especially because industries has mentioned in a Senate hearing in February of 2019, admitted that they’re not doing any studies on 5G. They don’t intend to and they’re not putting any budget in the future to do this. So this is on us now because industry is no longer even allowing themselves to look. So I would like to request you to go through and give our audience a quick overview of the most important independent studies on 5G millimeter wave radiation and safety.

Dr. Davis: Well, Dr. Cindy Russell of Stanford has produced an excellent review in the Journal on Environmental Research, which can be found on her website where she talks about the public health and environmental implications of 5G. And she notes there that, because 5G is a combination of very short high frequency wavelengths. It’s going to be without precedents in what it will mean for humans. More importantly, let me tell you first what 5G is. 5G consists of a combination of 3G and 4G in order for it to work. So what you have to have for [it] to work is a series of antennas that are within a few hundred yards of each other, sometimes right close to your bedroom window. And under the current rules that have been passed in Washington, you cannot object to location of a tower on health concerns, you may only object on aesthetic grounds.

So there are some effects that have been known from 5G. And the modulation of the signal is what we’re most worried about, because it’s moving extremely fast. And it has the ability to alter the functioning of all of our healthy nerves and cells, and it’s the membrane surrounding our cells that may be perturbed the most because it interferes with the way calcium moves in and out of the cell wall. And what we know about the coil ducts from studies done in Israel is that the millimeter waves are mostly absorbed within the first say, the 164th of the skin. And you think at first that is of no consequence, but it turns out that your sweat ducts are located there. You’ve got hundreds of millions of them.

And they can be regarded as a helical antenna like double helix. And because of that, they can transmit the exposure from the surface of the skin internally. And this is something that’s been covered in a number of the electronic technology blogs, that a growing number of publications show that 5G has the capacity to have serious biological effects, including that it can accelerate the growth of bacteria, mainly by depressing the growth of those things that are supposed to be bad for you and allowing good things to die. And as a consequence, the cells don’t communicate as well with one another because they’re both exposed to millimeter waves. ..”

CEP asks: Since the rollout of 5G worldwide coincided with the emergence of the worst pandemic in the history of mankind, is COVID-19, also known as “coronavirus” related to 5G? Is COVID-19 exacerbated or even triggered by 5G? We think, along with some scientists, that depressing one’s immune system, causing acceleration of both bacteria and viruses, and having a major impact on cells cannot be good for us, especially when there was zero safety testing on 5G. See our article “Coronavirus & 5G” and “Dangers of 5G: Public Safety” (Devra Davis, PhD) for more information.