Dr. Sharon Goldberg Testifies at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018. She explains why 5G should not be rolled out, and the association between exposure to microwave rf radiation and blood sugar, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and cancer. Dr. Goldberg is a board-certified internal medicine physician with several decades experience, a teacher at a large number of medical schools, and a researcher, with an interest in and extensive knowledge regarding the science behind exposures to EMF’s and health. She is an excellent presenter, and this is a must-watch and must-share-widely presentation. The state legislators she is addressing at this hearing in Michigan seem quite uninformed about rf radiation and health effects, as well as being very poorly educated in the sciences.  In one disturbing response, a doubtful legislator mentioned that the American Cancer Society is (still) claiming that there is no association between wireless and cancer. Dr. Goldberg explained that some organizations have conflicts of interest and she had to explain what that meant, too, though I believe that these legislators knew all about that, as they subsequently voted in favor of industry-friendly 5G legislation, 15-4.

Dr. Sharon Goldberg explains why 5G must not be rolled out