By B.N. Frank

Fitbits are electronic devices that use wireless (WiFi) radiation to measure data such as the number of steps walked, quality of sleep, and other personal metrics.  They are marketed as one of many types of activity trackers.

On February 24 2014, Fitbit recalled its activity tracker due to skin rashes. Complaints of itchy, irritated wrists have prompted Fitbit to voluntarily recall all of its Fitbit Force wristband activity trackers.

There have been other concerns and issues also reported about Fitbits.  Examples include:

  1. October 20, 2014, Fox News: Experts: Why wearable tech could pose health risks
  2. January 18, 2018, Natural News: There is no escape: New transmitter technology will charge your devices in your pocket, constantly bombarding you with EMFs   

Complaints and concerns have also been posted on the corporate Fitbit Community website:  

January 6, 2016:  Has anyone experienced feeling dizzy and woozy wearing the Charge HR?”

Some wearers also reported adverse reactions.  Others reported no adverse reactions.  Here are excerpts:

  1. “I’m glad someone else has mentioned this.  We bought our fitbit this past Friday and I started wearing it on Saturday.  I am pregnant with my third (not very far along) and have been experiencing some morning sickness.  Today I have been in bed all day long due to morning sickness and dizziness, or so I thought.  I decided to take off my fitbit for a while and now I am able to get out of bed and do my normal things.”
  2. “I bought a fitbit charge HR 3 days ago. Fpr.2 days I woke up very dizzy and nauseated. I have never felt this way. I did not wear the fitbit yesterday and I feel fine. I have no health problems what so ever.“
  3. I bought a Fitbit Alta last week – mainly for the Qantas Frequent Flyer Points. The first day I wore it I felt quite dizzy by the afternoon and my pulse rate was very erratic. The only previous time I have felt like that was at 5000 metres at Everest Base Camp.  I am 77 but very fit (5 marathons, 100km cycling every week, yoga and other exercise.) I didn’t think the Fitbit could be causing that reaction but I googled “Fitbit side effects” and found plenty of posts.  I took the Fitbit off late afternoon and haven’t worn it since…

I personally know 2 men – both lean and physically fit – who have worn Fitbits and experienced adverse reactions:

  1. Joe is in his mid 30s. He had received physical therapy before and after having surgery to correct his carpal tunnel syndrome.  His wrists had fully recovered and felt great.  He started wearing a Fitbit and his wrist started hurting again.  He stopped wearing the Fitbt and his wrist no longer hurt.  He tried this a few times and concluded not to wear the Fitbit any more.
  2. Matt is in his early 50s. When he looks directly at the Fitbit for more than a few seconds, he gets a headache.
MORE INFO HERE  Letter from Dr. David Carpenter to Mayor of Pittsfield MA and Board of Health on Cell Tower Radiation 

Decades of research has proven that all these reported symptoms and many more can be caused or increased by exposure to cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation as well as other sources of electrical pollution (Electrosmog).

In 2011, cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation was classified as a Group 2B Possible Carcinogen.

In 2012, scientists announced that exposure to cell phone and other sources of Wireless (WiFi) radiation can disrupt the Blood-Brain Barrier which may cause it to leak. 

In July 2017, some scientists announced that it should be reclassified as a Group A Carcinogen.

“Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist” wrote a fantastic article detailing the potential for adverse reactions and long-term health issues associated with wearing Fitbits. The article also included photos taken of WiFi radiation by photographer Luis Nernan.

Excerpts from the article include:  

  1. It makes no sense, at least to me, to be hooked up to a device like a Fitbit that emits any sort of EMF radiation while exercising which is already putting the body under physical stress from sweating and detoxification.
  2. Fitbits that people wear while sleeping seem most dangerous of all.  There is absolutely no data proving the safety of these devices during sleep even though the user manuals claim that “This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment.”
  3. Research has shown that poor quality sleep causes weight problems. Even just a few nights of poor sleep can lead to almost immediate weight gain.  Are Fitbit nighttime wearers inadvertently undoing their daytime efforts to lose weight?
  4. In fact, sleep and good health are so inextricably linked that many holistic medical practitioners recommend turning all wireless sources off at night… The reason?  The EMF radiation swirling around you may negatively affect sleep in a very profound way over the long term.
MORE INFO HERE  New York Times Refuses to Correct Unfactual Information on Cell Phone Radiation

Interestingly enough, Quarterback Tom Brady and Supermodel wife, Giselle Bundchenprescribe to an “electronics free” bedroom as part of their holistic lifestyle.  

Despite the recalls and reported adverse reactions, Fitbits and other “smart” products are still being marketed as being beneficial to our health.  What’s particularly unfortunate is thatparents are being told to buy these devices for their children despite the fact that

“… no “safe” level (of cell phone or wireless WiFi radiation) has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.”  

There are plans to use these devices on in schools as well and it is being described like something out of a freaky movie:

Imagine classrooms outfitted with cameras that run constantly, capturing each child’s every facial expression, fidget, and social interaction, every day, all year long.

This sounds like stalking.

Then imagine on the ceilings of those rooms infrared cameras, documenting the objects that every student touches throughout the day, and microphones, recording every word that each person utters.

OMG!  This is creepy as hell.

Picture now the children themselves wearing Fitbit-like devices that track everything from their heart rates to their time between meals.

Come on!!!  “… no “safe” level (of cell phone or wireless WiFi radiation) has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.”  

For about a quarter of the day, the students use Chromebooks and learning software that track their every click and keystroke.

Again – this sounds like stalking.

Meanwhilelast month listed “Encouraging Kids to Use Cell Phones” as its #3 Dumb Thing to Boost Possible Cancer Risk”

Tech inventors have been limiting their own kids’ exposure to new technology for many yearsalready – even sending them to private low-tech schools.

And since 2009, Dr. Oz has been discouraging parents from allowing kids to use cell phones because of potential health risks associated with exposure to radiation.

Considering this as well all the recent concerns by tech inventors and investors and many others,– about devices for children and “Digital Addiction,” you’d think that technology companies would stop promoting all of this beneficial.  

Research has proven all of this can also harm petsnature, and wildlife.

MORE INFO HERE  San Francisco Chronicle Blog on Global Wi-Fi and 5G

Plus many wireless and electronic devices have been reported and recalled for malfunctioning, catching fire, and exploding.

Want something like that hooked up to your kid at school?  Because remember:

Picture now the children themselves wearing Fitbit-like devices that track everything from their heart rates to their time between meals.

According to the National Institutes of Health, “The Precautionary Principle” in environmental science includes 4 central components:

  1. Taking preventive action in the face of uncertainty
  2. Shifting the burden of proof to the proponents of an activity
  3. Exploring a wide range of alternatives to possibly harmful actions
  4. Increasing public participation in decision making

These 4 components do not seem to be of any concern to the tech industry or our elected officials in regard to any wireless devices and technology.  This includes 5G small cell towers, The Internet of Things (IoT), and utility “smart” meters.

They say 5G technology is for our benefit.  But taxpayer dollars are footing the bill for 5G.  And they have been footing the bill for utility “smart” meters as well despite all the problems.  This doesn’t sound beneficial at all.

New technology can be great.  Anyone with car trouble will agree that having a cell phone can be a life saver.

But have you ever asked yourself these questions:

“If Wireless Radiation Exposure Is No Big Deal, Why Do Manuals for Cell Phones, iPads, Wi-Fi Routers, Etc. Include Guidelines and Warnings?”

“Do We Need More Research? Or Do We Need to Stop Using Plastic Mannequin Heads and Bodies for “Safety Testing” on Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices?

How come most don’t question “Sensitivity” to air pollution but still question “Sensitivity” to Electrical Pollution?

and “Who paid for the research that says all of these products are safe and beneficial?

Whoomp!  There it is.