This is a quick post that details the typical kind of response you will get from people who believe EMF, mobile phone and 5G radiation doesn’t harm you. In short, yes, if you do not have your WIFI on, steer clear of Bluetooth, RF, EMF, as well as use your phone infrequently and keep your brain away from it, then your chances of disruption of your carefully designed electric system called your body will not be too affected. From my own experience, people use their phones all of the time for long periods of time and sit next to WIFI routers, even the official studies from the industry-led guidelines, do not cover this kind of usage.

Here’s some interesting facts from scientific research done:

This is what you get from the 4G on the top of LED streetlights or when you’re about 100 metres from a mobile phone mast: 0.5 to 1.0 mW m2 – Headaches, concentration difficulties, restlessness, tremor, and sleep disruption associated with chronic exposure to mobile phone base stations.

Source: Mobile Phone Base Stations – Effects on Wellbeing and Health, Kundi M and Hutter HP, Pathophysiology, 2009 Aug; 16(2-3):123-35.

This is what you get when you’re about 50cm away from an average smart phone when it’s on a call or if you’re about 10-20 metres from a mobile phone mast: 5 to 10 mW m2 – At this level it decreases human sperm motility, increases sperm DNA fragmentation, and affects brain activity and cognitive functions.

Source: Conrado Avendaño,, American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Fertility and Sterility, volume 97, Number 1, January 2012, pp 39-45

This is what you get when you’re within 5 metres of a mobile phone mast or if you’re using WIFI on your laptop, Bluetooth next to you, within 50 cm of a WIFI router or next to your phone when it’s one (bear in mind a mobile phone will spike maybe up to 100 mW/m2): Approaching 30 mW/m2 of RF changes in cardiac function, including altered heart rate, arrhythmia, and/or tachycardia were observed.

Source: Magda Havas, Reviews on Environmental Health, Volume 28 (November 2013), Issue 2-3, Pages 75–84

EMF, RF and WIFI is TOXIC TO CHILDREN: Childhood (and other) cancer clusters have been found after only one year of base stations being in operation, such as the widely publicised cluster in Valladolid, Spain (2000/2001) where 10 children in the vicinity of antennae developed different cancers within one year. Ambient power flux readings ranged from 0.66V/m to 3.96V/m inside the school attended by three of the children concerned, to 8.4 V/m (1.872 mW/m2) the roof of the school. The Leukaemia rate in this particular neighbourhood had risen from the Spanish average of 4 in 100000 to 1 in 100. Although anecdotal, this is a stark warning of what we may face if Vodaphone’s proposal is accepted.
Source: WiredChild – UK Charity

There isn’t one officially used study or one that’s been released from Military secrecy in the entire World that we have available either on the short, medium and long term effects of being targeted by 5G beam forming. The only evidence we come close to is the amount of soldiers who now come back from the battlefield committing suicide on a grand scale, just about when the new battlefield targeting acquiring systems came into existence, as well as 5G being constantly used on the battlefield for communications. This leaked report by Ericsson also confirms that there will be huge issues with the roll out of 5G:

EMF compliance may be a challenge for 5G massive MIMO sites if assuming theoretical maximum power for all beams… Very large exclusion zone due to unrealistic power – may lead to substantial 5G deployment challenges IEC 62232 (2017) and ITU-T K.100 standards open up for use of actual maximum output power (95th percentile).

Watch this from a Scientist in how to explain 5G to people:

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By the way, if you ramp up 5G through focusing its signal and wattage, you can start to turn air into other gases, change the weather, kill life and destroy drones in the sky, i.e. Direct Energy Weapons. 5G masts being installed in the USA and other countries sometimes have been ramped up to 3kW of power – This is enough to effect Human life for miles around. So when people start to shout you down, stay calm and start talking about these things. I’ve included a brilliant article from Android Authority which is a typical response from people who insist there is no compelling evidence of the harmful effects of 5G, when in fact NO RESEARCH on Humans has been done. The bottom line is how does 5G affect skin? They said:

There is no compelling evidence linking cellular networks cancer, but what about upcoming 5G technologies. Most of these frequencies occupy existing low frequency and Wi-Fi bands, so there aren’t really any new risks. Higher frequency mmWave technologies still don’t reach close to ionizing wavelengths and the technology actually extends further away from the maximum human RF absorption frequency of about 70MHz. MmWave will mostly deploy in the 24 to 29GHz spectrum, which suffers from very high reflection rates. Therefore, energy absorption is confined to the surface layers of the skin rather than deeper tissue touched by lower frequencies. Penetrating bones or the skull is out of the question, so you can throw out those brain tumour arguments.

This kind of misinformation is alarming. In the diagram it shows ‘induces high currents’. What does this kind of exposure do if it’s frequent like it is for many mobile phone users with their brains and body constantly touching the device? Not all non-ionising microwaves are safe, you burn in the sun and it’s been proven that EMF effects the brain in many ways. A test everyone can do is leave a plant next to your WIFI router for a length of time – see what happens. 5G is a piece of military hardware, it is a battlefield target acquiring system that will target your phone/head with a seriously powerful microwave beam, if you are frequently exposed to these more powerful focused beams, you can imagine what will happen. No testing has been done on this tech on Humans and all the study dates in this article are years old, technology is moving so rapidly Legislation cannot keep up with it, so Governments are relying on biased industry data to prove it’s safe. When in fact, places like Bristol university that’s testing #5G is undergoing a rapid increase in suicides for instance. There are literally 100s of studies now by doctors and scientists that prove overexposure of non-ionising microwaves is fatal over time. We are delicate electric beings that have a frequency of our own and our brain and DNA uses frequency to function, if this is constantly disrupted by smaller bursts of constant energy of course this will cause effects on our bodies. You don’t need a Doctorate degree to understand this, yet industry think we do, therefore they shutdown good honest people who are genuinely concerned. Look at history and how big business and Government have worked in tandem to make money over peoples health, it is only until the People stand up and SAY NO that things have to change. This is the time people. When you see messages like this one from James Sprocket, come to Smombie Gate to find solid information to make sure your voice is not drowned out by absolutely dishonest reporting.

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