What is a magnetic field? How are we exposed to it? Are power lines safe? What are EMFs anyway? What does the research say about magnetic fields, EMFs, and cancer?

The U.S. government has no human exposure limits for magnetic fields. None. Yet magnetic field electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is linked to childhood leukemia and brain tumors as well as miscarriage, obesity, and asthma.

In our next EMF-101, Executive Director Theodora Scarato explains the science and policy on magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Learn what scientific studies show about EMFs and discover how numerous governments have more protective policies regarding magnetic fields and power lines as compared to the United States.

DATE: Tuesday, April 27, 2021

TIME: 12:00 p.m. ET, 9:00 a.m. PT

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Magnetic fields emitted from the Earth’s core make compasses work and are used for navigation by animals like fish and birds. Magnetic and electrical fields work in unison.  The combination of the two creates what is known as an electromagnetic field (EMF). Lower electrical frequencies move more slowly. Higher frequencies turn very quickly.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides conflicting messages on EMF. It states on its EMF webpage that “scientific studies have not clearly shown whether exposure to EMF increases cancer risk. A few studies have connected EMF and health effects, but they have not been able to be repeated.”

Scarato used Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to investigate the issue and found that EPA websites were scrubbed a few years ago and contain inaccurate information. She will share how EHT wrote repeated letters to the agency asking for corrections to the new webpages. The EPA offered no response.

Our increased use of technology is increasing our use of electricity. But exploiting EMF for our convenience comes with a price. Even when electrical devices like laptops and tablets are turned off they still emit EMF.  “Smart” utility meters and home appliances also expose us to magnetic fields, regardless of whether they are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or wireless-enabled or not.

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