(Send this to your local Police force by e mail and registered post)

Dear Police,

I would like to report the following crimes that are at present being perpetrated upon the citizens of this country.  Please could you investigate them immediately .  I will require a crime reference number asap please. 


Genocide by injection in care homes

For more evidence see ukcolumn.org

A second Nuremberg tribunal has been prepared

BMJ article: Social murder, they wrote – unelected, unaccountable, and unrepentant https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n314

Deaths and serious adverse effects from experimental injections



2.The crime of locking healthy people in their houses and the effects

The crimes related to locking people down, when a German court has just ruled that the epidemic situation that was used to justify the lockdown laws does not exist

3.Evidence that the pandemic was planned for ulterior motives

The current scenario planned by 2010 Rockefeller foundation paper entitled ‘Senarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

 4.The Fraud in the covid 19 public health policies


Notice of intended criminal prosecution against every MP for fraud, treason and genocide


Conflicts of interest


5.The changing of death certificates

6.NHS perpetrating coercion of young people to participate in dangerous genetic experiment

  1. The crime of installing a radio frequency directed energy (RFDE) weapon directed at the public during the pandemic

This has the potential to cause serious, if not, fatal injury to many human beings as well as animal and plant life.

The crime involves high frequency radiation being emitted by mobile phone masts which is of a frequency (60Ghz) which is capable of causing radiation poisoning as well as burns and which is currently being imposed upon the population of the United Kingdom

This crime is so serious that a human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield QC has had to bring a case against the government to stop the rollout.  5G has been medically proven to be already causing serious harm to people, which is getting worse by the day. https://actionagainst5g.org/blog/case-update-6/  https://actionagainst5g.org/blog/dangerous-unknowns-5g/  The continued rollout in spite of concrete evidence of accumulating great harm is a crime.  5G needs to be halted immediately.

MORE INFO HERE  News Letter Resistance June 2022

The Facts about the Crime


Learn more at: www.action2crimes.com our evidence page!



Although those who install and operate the mobile phone masts claim the frequencies are safe, the reality is this is not the case. Indeed, independent peer-reviewed studies have shown the frequencies to be very dangerous. So much so that the frequencies are categorised as a Class 2B Carcinogen by international radiological safety bodies. As yet, there are no independent biological safety studies which prove to the contrary. The radiation is being rolled out through a 5G infrastructure. 5G is not the same as 3G, 4G or anything that came before, even Tetra, which is used by the emergency services.


Without independent safety tests, the rollout of 5G breaches the Nuremberg Code, because it causes serious harm to human beings, which is a criminal act (Sections 18 and 20, Offences Against the Person Act 1861) and must be shut down immediately on this ground alone. Be in no doubt, 5G frequencies are likely to cause many deaths and serious injury to individuals. There is, as yet, no peer-reviewed evidence to show that it does not cause harm.

The Nuremberg Code evolved out of the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals following Word War 2 and clearly states that no tests or experiments may be carried out on human beings without their informed consent having been freely given, especially where conducting such experiments or tests may result in harm being caused. With 5G, the Nuremberg Code has been wilfully ignored meaning that people have not been informed in any way! The Nuremburg code also states that all unnecessary physical and mental suffering must be avoided. However, with 5G there is nothing in place to avoid any of this.  As previously stated, there have been no independent biological studies proving 5G is safe. Not only this, but hundreds of scientists have called for independent studies into 5G and been ignored! 

MORE INFO HERE  USA Senate hearing 2019: 5G safety relies solely on “low-power assumption”: Déjà vu all-over again

Learn more at: www.action2crimes.com our evidence page!

The Nuremberg Code goes on to state that no experiment shall take place where there is a risk, no matter how remote, that disability or death may result. Peer-reviewed studies have shown the likelihood of disability and death occurring where 5G is concerned is very high and very real.  The Nuremberg Code also sets down a principle of law that it is neither a defence or an excuse for a person to claim they are or were acting under the instructions of someone holding a position more senior than their own. It, therefore, follows that anyone installing the 5G arrays or transmitters.

Could 5G cause disaster in the wrong hands or through malfunction?

There have already been fires involving mobile telephone masts where 5G equipment has been installed. And although the mainstream media has been quick to blame so-called activists, the fires have been found to be caused by poor-quality electronic components within the arrays overheating and igniting the materials from which the arrays are manufactured. This is bad enough, but even with top-quality components and other materials used, the dangers of 5G still remain.

Lloyds of London and the world’s largest re-insurer Swiss Re won’t insure 5G because of the dangers associated with it…

MORE INFO HERE  Guest Blog, by Bardo Frings, discusses reliability of reports of the Health Council of The Netherlands

Learn more at: www.action2crimes.com our evidence page!

More masts are being added to the networks, every day, thus making it increasingly more dangerous to ever-growing numbers of people. But what is the most disturbing aspect of 5G is that civil servants are using criminal coercion to force local authorities to rubberstamp planning permission for mobile phone operators to install 5G equipment on their masts. How? By threatening to fine local councillors and local government officers, personally, £175,000 each. This raises the question of criminal behaviour by civil servants, namely, Blackmail (as defined by Section 21, Theft Act 1968) and Misconduct in Public Office (Common Law offence). There may also be civil malfeasor torts of Misfeasance or Malfeasance in Public Office. Indeed, in Misfeasance in Public Office, the legal definition prescribes that the malfeasor need only show reckless indifference as to whether someone suffers harm as a result of their actions.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of recording what is happening as crimes against the community and humanity and that a Crime Reference Numberis issued in this respect.

Moreover, science has now shown that 5G radiation could be implicated in susceptability to covid 19

Please contact saveusnow.org for prima facie evidence of these crimes. 

Yours sincerely, Becky Knott