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Stop Smart Meters in Eugene Oregon

We are customers of the electric utility in Eugene, Oregon, trying to protect our right to be safe in our homes. Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) is pushing so-called “smart meters” onto us, even though they are known to harm people’s health and the environment, have started house fires, are collecting private information about people’s activities in their own homes, and create electrical grid vulnerabilities from hackers.

Scientists and doctors who do not work for the electric industry have told EWEB about the risks of “smart meters.” EWEB is pursuing this agenda even against individuals who are very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and who would be disabled by the installation of a smart meter on their home. There has been a lot of public input from customers saying they do not want them, including people who are highly sensitive and vulnerable to the radiation and who have the right to protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The health of children, pregnant women, elders, and people with pacemakers and other medical devices is also threatened. Yet EWEB is not allowing us to protect ourselves by keeping our safe analog meters.

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EWEB is trying to push “smart meters” on us by using so-called safety standards deemed invalid by a U.S. federal court. EWEB is insisting we “comply” with their mandate to accept a “smart meter,” making them out-of-step with all the utility companies allowing customers to keep their safe analog meters. EWEB has only a sham “opt out” – a “smart meter” with the radio turned off, which still has most of the safety risks of a “radio on” meter.

The only so-called “option” EWEB offers in place of a “smart meter” (radio on or off) is to have our electricity shut off. As unbelievable as that may sound, it’s true. In early May, EWEB cut off electric service to the homes of two elderly disabled women because they refused “smart meters.” More customers have been cut off since then and others have been given notice they will be cut off if they do not “comply.”

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We need help paying for a lawyer because the state public utility commission does not have the authority to help us. Our wonderful lawyer is a champion for people’s right to protect ourselves from possible harm from “smart meters,” and your donations will help us to stop EWEB from violating our rights. One lawsuit has already been filed. If we succeed, it may help people in other communities, too, and we hope it will.

We respectfully ask for your donations and would appreciate your telling others who care about health, security, and freedom about our need for help. Thank you!

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