Following our alert launched in France in 2016 by Dr. Marc Arazi, we obtained the publication of the test reports of hundreds of control tests carried out since 2012 by our National Frequencies Agency (ANFR).

As a result, we have requested the removal or update of more than 250 of the most popular models.

Since April 2018, 18 different models have been withdrawn from the French market, banned or updated. We have reported this situation to national agencies, such as in Switzerland, Germany and most recently to the European Parliament.

Development of a collaborative database

We are asking for your help to speed up the removal and/or updating of these models in your country and throughout Europe. You can use this collaborative work base set up specifically to enable this inventory.

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Can you do research at shops, distributors, online to find out:
– if they are for sale
– what is the SAR displayed (head and trunk)
– if information indicates a possible update.
– and any other information you may deem useful.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. Thank you in advance for your help.