1. Electromagnetic Sensitivity:
  • Studies of electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS), as it is called by the US Access Board, place the condition between 1 and 5% of the population having significant and debilitating problems, with up to 33% to a lesser degree (but with the potential for getting worse).  It is a condition thought to be rapidly growing, due to exposure to rf radiation from wireless devices and cell towers, small cells, and other electromagnetic fields such as powerlines, etc.. In the United States, with a population of about 340 million, 1% would mean 3.4 million are EMS; 3% would mean 10.2 million EMS; 5% would mean 17 million EMS. People with EMS have difficulty working, finding a safe place to live, and being able to access public places due to cell towers, smart meters, small cells, and cell phones. Accommodating people with EMS allows participation in society of a large portion of the population.

In 2002, a survey of 2,072 people in California found that the incidence of self-reported electromagnetic hypersensitivity within the sample group was 3% (95% CI 2.8–3.68%), with electromagnetic hypersensitivity being defined as “being allergic or very sensitive to getting near electrical appliances, computers, or power lines” (response rate 58.3%). This survey was detailed in “Study of self-reported hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields in California“. Environ Health Perspect. 110(Suppl 4): 619–23.Levallois, P; R Neutra; G Lee; L Hristova (August 2002).

Electro-Sensitivity: the Research

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) (EMF Safety Network)

w/ EMF Health Effects 2019 Survey

EMF Portal (do search on electromagnetic sensitivity, electrohypersensitivity, EMS, EHS, electrosensitivity, microwave illness, microwave poisoning, etc.)

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2. Medical Conditions caused or made worse by rf radiation

AAEM EMF Medical Conditions Position Statement

AAEM EMF Position Statement

RF-ill People List of Sources

Evidence of RF-ill people (including but not limited to ES) (links and brief info to scientific reviews of lit (BioInitiative 2012-2019 – www.bioinitiative.org), also see many on http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/public-health-alerts/): physician statements, medical agency or org (CDC, WHO, OSHA, EPA, etc), existing collections of depositions / testimonials / letters to FCC etc.)

There is a difference between evidence of radiation-ill population and legal recognition of ES (EMS, EHS, etc.). These are not the same populations though they do overlap. ES is found in the radiation-ill population as a subset, but not all radiation-ill people may be ES. A definition of radiation-ill people may be found from a number of credible sources as well.

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