We are leading the way toward safe technology!  In court hearings last month, the judges asked excellent questions of the FCC indicating that they read the briefs and read the scientific and policy evidence EHT and experts worldwide had submitted to the FCC over the last decade. EHT’s research and  submissions are now used as key evidence in this historic lawsuit which calls on the FCC to reconsider, revise, and update its 25-year old outdated exposure limits for radiofrequency radiation (RFR) from cellphones, cell towers, Wi-Fi networks, smart meters, and other wireless communication networks.

Two days after the Jan 25, 2021  court oral argument in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals  in Washington DC we submitted our final documents to the court. During the hearing the judges asked  for more information within 24 hours and after that EHT and petitioner responded. Note these  submissions are simply factual responses to the judges questions regarding an expert committee of the FDA and the Federal  Interagency Workgroup on Radiofrequency.

During the EMF Medical Conference  at EHTs booth, EHT Executive Director Theodora Scarato presented the latest. Scarato plays key excerpts of the judges questioning the FCC at the oral hearing and provides expert commentary as well as background on the latest submissions just filed.

“I’m just going to be very upfront with why I am inclined to rule against you,” stated Judge Robert L. Wilkins to FCC counsel Ashley S. Boizelle questioning how the FCC determined safety evaluations had been completed.

“And so I’m just trying to understand how the FDA coming back and talking about cellphones that are in a holster—where nobody keeps them anymore—or in a purse when they’re not being used is at all… and looking only at cancer is at all relevant to an Inquiry, again, into the effect of this radiation frequency from multiple devices that are used in entirely different ways now, in entirely different volume, and throughout the population, including children who live on iPads.” – Judge Patricia Ann Millet

https://ehtrust.org/fcclawsuitonwireless/ Source: Environmental Health Trust