Ross Valley officials work to tighten 5G antenna rules

<<“… In Fairfax, after about a four-hour hearing Thursday, the Planning Commission said that a proposal to regulate telecommunications communications is not strong enough. The commission decided to continue the discussion to a later meeting, allowing staff time to give the new rules more muscle.

The move comes a month after the Fairfax Town Council adopted an urgency ordinance that prohibits small cell antennas in residential zones and requires 1,500 feet of separation between the devices. The proposal considered Thursday would have cleaned up the language within a single section of the municipal code.

Fairfax resident Jess Lerner, who helped organize a group called 5G Free Marin, said she is encouraged by the leaders in Fairfax and San Anselmo.

“We want to create the best and strongest ordinance that we can to protect the well-being of our residents,” Lerner said. “Now our town council has the opportunity to write the strongest and best ordinance in the state.”>>